It's time to proudly display one of our wonderful Japanese Cosplays in order to get to your favorite manga events ! Loved by fans Japanese culture, the cosplay manga has become a real must-have for gatherings between enthusiasts.


How about donning one of our fabulous costumes on the occasion of your next manga convention or other exhibition related to the Japanese culture ? If you are a lover of the country of Sunrise and you live in France, you are aware that there are many exhibitions in which enthusiasts can meet to discuss Japanese traditions.

Among these shows, we can find: 

  • Japan Expo South of France
  • Japan Expo Paris
  • Japan Geek Festival
  • Japan Matsuri
  • Japan Touch Haru
  • Japan Addict Z

And the list is still very long... The fact that these events take place in the four corners of France gives you the possibility of going there without too much problem no matter where you live. So have you chosen your next event linked to Japan? What is certain is that to get there you will necessarily need a anime cosplay or even a video games cosplay.


As usual, at My Japan Clothes, we are committed to offering you a wide choice in order to satisfy as many people as possible, it is for this reason that our collection of cosplays is very complete and will undoubtedly allow you to find what you are looking for without too much hassle, it will even be difficult to select just one costume as they are all more beautiful than each other! 

So, if you are more into video games, you will be able to appreciate our Genshin Impact Cosplay, although it is a video game, it is very popular among manga fans and it is not uncommon to come across many people donning these fabulous outfits in the aisles of manga conventions. In terms of costumes very appreciated by fans of Japanese culture, you will also be able to find the Demon Slayer Cosplay, if however you wish to remain more classic, it will be good to turn to a Naruto Cosplay or even a Kakashi Hatake Cosplay. Finally, if you want to impress your friends by sporting a manga cosplay more intimate, we have put online manga outfits very popular in Japan but still little known in France, among them you can find: My Hero Academia Cosplay, SNK Cosplay (Attack on Titan Cosplay), Death Note Cosplay, Mirai Nikki Cosplay, DanganRonpa Cosplay and many more...


It's time to mark a little point on the history of cosplay, the latter is also called habitual. But then what is a cosplay ? If you are here you probably already know what cosplay is but it is important to educate the most novice by quickly explaining what this art consists of. 

Cosplay is ultimately a hobby which consists of dressing like a fictional character, generally you choose a fictional character that you particularly like! Therefore we try to reproduce the physique of this famous character identically. Cosplays are particularly popular with manga fans, anime and more generally by fans of Asian culture. As said before, cosplay is an art in its own right, and people who practice this art are called cosplayers. cosplayers (in French: cosplayer and cosplayer), cosplay doesn't stop at simply wearing the same outfit as your favorite character, no! This actually goes much further, cosplayers also wear a wig that they style identically to the person they represent, they also reproduce these facial expressions in order to get as close as possible to their personality and physical appearance.

Most often, cosplays feature manga or anime characters, in any case it is this type of cosplay that we are interested in today, although there are obviously cosplays for a almost all fictional characters, whether Star Wars cosplays or Marvel cosplays, etc...

You now know a little more about cosplays, now it's time to make your choice! Will you be able to choose from our wide range of manga cosplay and others anime cosplay ? Whatever your decision, whether for yourself or as a gift to a manga fan, be sure to hit the nail on the head!