Japanese Pajamas

Discover our wonderful Japanese Pajamas for Women, authentic pieces of unrivaled quality that will allow you to fall into a deep sleep.


When winter sets in, it's always nice to have a Pajamas to snuggle up in! We have developed a complete collection of Japanese pajamas which will accompany you throughout the winter period.
As usual at My Japan Clothes, a multitude of choices are available to you, so there will be something for all tastes and colors in order to always satisfy as many people as possible.

Therefore, dive into a Japanese universe with our Pajamas for Women and be classy and elegant even at bedtime.
Whether you want a Traditional Pajamas or rather a Modern Pajamas, whatever, you will inevitably find what you are looking for on our Japanese Shop.


A little bit of history doesn't hurt! Do you know that in Japan, traditional pajamas have several names? They can be called Jinbei, Juban or Nagajuban

Initially, the Japanese pajamas were worn by nobles, but over the centuries, this Traditional Japanese Clothing has constantly renewed and reinvented itself, today it is worn by the greatest number of us when going to bed as a Sleepwear, but that hasn't always been the case, so let's be happy to be able to wear a Pajamas Set whenever we want and to proudly display the ancestral Japanese tradition.


There can be many opportunities to wear a Traditional Asian Pajamas, as you understood, the first opportunity is to wear it as clothing for sleeping, but that's not all, in fact this authentic piece of the Japanese tradition is so soft and pleasant to wear that you will feel like you are in a real cocoon, so it is very common to wear pajamas as loungewear when you stay quietly at home on your sofa. Although it is primarily a garment for staying at home, it has quickly become a must-have for the Japanese Fashion

This collection of Women's Pajamas is made up of pieces that will offer you different cuts and patterns, so it's up to you to make the right choice and opt for pajamas that will best represent your personality. Let's first talk about the summer period, when winter has passed and the temperatures become warmer, you will have to choose a Light Pajamas in order not to be too hot during your night's sleep, we therefore offer you a multitude of models of Summer pajamas each one more delightful than the last.

Who says mid-season pajamas says Spring Pattern, you will therefore have the choice between models such as: Colorful Pajamas, Set Pajamas Short, Floral Pajamas. Another possibility to maintain total freedom of movement and have clothing in which you will be cool and comfortable in all circumstances: the Kimono Style Pajamas, it's a totally traditional garment designed especially for you women! It is very light and quite short, so it allows you to keep your legs cool outside, the Japanese Crane Kimono Pajamas will therefore perfectly represent the land of the rising sun because the crane is the bird symbol par excellence of this fantastic country. You should also know that it is customary to wear Geta (traditional Japanese shoes) with a Yukata, nothing better to get a good insight into Japanese culture.

Now that we've covered summer and summer pajamas, let's talk about Winter pajamas, we offer a certain number of models of Thick Pajamas, they will keep you warm throughout the winter and will be a real essential. The Cotton Pajamas is adored by our customers, here again you will have the possibility of finding many different patterns to best meet your desires, whether for a traditional look or for a modern look, choose between authentic pieces such as: Japanese Silk Pajamas, Japanese Satin Pajamas, Long Pajamas, Sakura Design Pajamas, and many others just waiting for you to be proudly displayed at home and outside.

Yes, because even if for us in France, it would not occur to us to go out in pajamas (whatever that might happen), in Japan the culture is not the same and therefore going out in pajamas is absolutely not not a problem, there is no doubt that during your trip to Tokyo you will come across Japanese people in Traditional dress in the streets, dressed in a Japanese Yukata or even a Traditional Kimono.

So make your choice and push Japanese tradition to its climax, whether for yourself or to give as a gift, there is no doubt that our pajamas will delight any fan of Japanese fashion.