Japanese Accessories

Discover now a wide range of Japanese Accessories all more beautiful than the others, it's time to do a good live in the Japanese tradition.


Are you looking for a Traditional Japanese Accessory to adopt a Nippon Style ? One more gesture, you are in the right place!
Immerse yourself in the heart of a 100% Asian universe thanks to our Japanese Shop, we offer you a multitude of choices to satisfy all lovers of the land of the rising sun, for this: Japanese Rings, Japanese Umbrellas or Japanese fan will be there!

Although you can easily find Asian Accessories rather traditional, to add a touch of modernity to any of your outfits, we have thought of everything since you can also find Japanese Caps to cover your head and protect you from the sun in all circumstances.

You will have understood, diversity is essential on My Japan Clothes in order to fill as many of you as possible with happiness!


How to approach the subject of Japanese accessories without mentioning the Japanese fans ?
It is the quintessential accessory of Asian culture, every Japanese has at least one, and if you want to integrate into the habits and customs of this wonderful country, then don't hesitate to get yours now!
We offer a complete collection of fans, so whether you want a Modern Fan or rather a Traditional Fan, whatever, you will inevitably find what you are looking for on our store among all our designs such as: Vintage fanJapanese Crane FanFloral Fan, and many other models just waiting to be worn by you.

When it's hot, you can see fans as far as the eye can see in the hands of Tokyoites, even if this essential accessory mainly allows you to breathe, it has been able to evolve and constantly renew itself over the centuries and it has become today a real fashion accessory which will be ideal to complete all your Traditional Outfits !

If you are a regular on our site, you know that we often advise mixing streetwear and tradition, the fan is a perfect example to illustrate this perfect combo, in fact, even if you have a completely streetwear outfit with for example a sweater Japanese and cargo pants, wearing the fan will immediately bring a traditional touch to your style, the mix of the two genres is really very fashionable in Japan and it is very appreciated by Japanese youth.
Although the Japanese fan is a must-have in terms of fashion, it also has another functionality: it is a real Decoration Accessory

If you have the opportunity to enter the interior of a typically Japanese residence, then you will see that it is very common to find it in the form of Wall decoration With Wall Fan.
A true symbol of prosperity, you should know that there are two types of fans, the Wooden Fan, which is the most traditional fan and best known to the general public, but there is also the Round Fan, even if the latter appeared later, it still remains a real gem in terms of Japanese Ancestral Accessory.
Make the right choice and opt for a fan that will best reflect your personality! 


Take your passion for Japan to your fingertips! 
Discover a wide range of Traditional Japanese Rings All more beautiful than the other.
Rings are ideal for perfecting any outfit, in fact, style is in the details, be on top of the Japanese trend and choose the ring that suits you best!

We have a lot of Japanese jewelry and therefore many different styles in order to satisfy as always as many people as possible, thus, among this collection of Japanese Ancestral Ring, you can find authentic models such as: 

  • Buddhist Ring
  • Japanese Ring
  • Celtic Ring
  • Koi Carp Ring
  • Dragon Ring
  • Animal Ring
  • Cat Ring
  • Ring Sleeve
  • Japanese Writing Ring

...And still a lot of models! 

The choice will be hard but keep in mind that a ring is always better accompanied, so don't hesitate to choose several Japanese rings so you can mix up looks and allow you to wear a different ring depending on your mood.
These Asian Jewelry are waiting for you and they will definitely satisfy all fans of the land of Nihonjin.


Whether it's hot or cold, rain or wind, opt for the Traditional Japanese Umbrella ! This essential accessory from the Asian tradition will accompany you everywhere and will allow you to stay safe in all circumstances.
You may be wondering what is the use of this Japanese Umbrella ? Well, imagine that it has several functions!

The first function of Traditional Japanese Umbrella will protect you from the rain. On days of heavy rain you will be able to see in the streets of Osaka for example, Asian Umbrellas as far as the eye can see, the Japanese love it. It is customary to leave your umbrella at the entrance to stores or covered markets, so don't be surprised if when you enter a store you see hundreds of umbrellas at the entrance, this is quite usual in Japan.
The second function of the Traditional Umbrella will protect you from the sun, in fact, the Japanese also use the parasol as a Parasol, this accessory is therefore present every day of the year regardless of the season and the temperature given that it is widely used to protect yourself from the sun's rays in the middle of summer when the heat is intense.
Finally, the third functionality of the parasol: quite simply the style. You know it Japanese Fashion is full of surprises and many accessories which initially were totally traditional have become real Fashion Accessories, this is the case of the fan as we have already talked about a little earlier but it is also the case of the umbrella, the latter will allow you to complete any style whether you are dressed traditionally or rather in a streetwear look with modern Japanese clothing, it will be the last touch of a 100% Japanese style.

So will you be able to make your choice from this entire collection of Japanese accessories? Whether for you or to offer as a gift, the fan, the ring, the parasol or even the Japanese cap will delight enthusiasts.

Complete any outfit with our Japanese accessories! Whether you're looking for a Japanese cap to protect you from the sun, a Japanese mask to complete your cosplay, a Japanese fan to liven up your outfit, a Japanese ring to be fashionable right down to your fingertips, or a Japanese umbrella to protect you from the rain as well as the sun, our collections are there for you!