Haori Jacket


Make a good direct shot in the Japanese tradition thanks to our Haori, the perfect opportunity to display a typical Japanese clothing and show everyone your love for the country of Sunrise.


The essential garment to adopt a look in total agreement with the Japanese culture : the Haori ! It's a Traditional Jacket which goes down to the hips and is usually worn over a Kimono, the origins of this authentic piece date back to the period Or. The haori looks a lot like a kimono, it was long worn exclusively by men until the early 1800s during which Geisha of the Hanamachi of Fukagawa will in turn decide to wear haori on their kimono, they will therefore popularize the wearing of haori for women which will mark a real turning point in the history of the country. Currently, the Kimono Cardigan is therefore suitable for both men and women, it can be worn as a jacket or a shirt above a t-shirt or even directly on the skin.

The haori, just like the kimono is generally worn on special occasions and during chic events, it adapts to any circumstance and will allow you to point out to everyone your love for the Japan and its traditions. If your heart is still hesitant and you can't choose between a look Streetwear or Traditional, the haori also known as Kimono Cardigan is the perfect garment. The cut of the haori is also one of the points that particularly attract fans of Japanese Fashion, in fact its loose cut will allow you to feel comfortable in all circumstances, regardless of the season and the outside temperature. Our haori are made mainly of polyester to guarantee you exceptional comfort and resistance.


At the house of My Japan Clothes we have decided to offer you a range of haori with streetwear or traditional patterns, most of them very Colorful and each one more beautiful than the other. The haori is a garment that will adapt to any type of body shape and which will highlight you whether you are a male or a women, thanks to this authentic and traditional piece, it is impossible to go unnoticed. The haori, like the kimono, is generally worn during the summer period when the heat begins to arrive, however it can very well be worn over warm clothing in Winter for even more style and class.

So rather men's kimono jacket or women's kimono jacket ? There is something for all tastes and the sweetness of our traditional clothes will offer you the feeling of being in a real cocoon, all this of course while guaranteeing you unparalleled lightness, regardless of the material, polyester, cotton, satin or even silk. Adopt a casual look now and approach summer with class and sobriety while remaining in perfect harmony with Japanese tradition.


Are you still hesitating between the haori or the kimono cardigan? You must always keep in mind that the traditional product par excellence is the kimono, however there are derivatives of the kimono, the haori is a perfect example. The Kimono can be worn long, it can be light but also very thick and will therefore be more suitable for a winter period, quite the opposite of Haori which is light in all circumstances and therefore perfectly suited to the summer period, as indicated before, it is a garment which is very airy and which has a perfect cut to cope with the heat, no matter the material of the haori it will not stick to you not to the skin, you will simply have the impression of having an incredibly soft veil brushing against you.

Since we are talking about a derivative of the kimono, we must necessarily cite the Yukata, the latter is yet another variation of the kimono, it remains in the family of cardigan but can also be worn for special occasions. The yukata will allow you to bring a touch of modernity to your style and complete your 100% Japanese look, in fact it has a wide cut, one could even say Oversize, it's a perfect mix between streetwear and traditional.

No matter your choice, whether it is a Haori, a Kimono or even a Yukata, there is no doubt that these traditional clothes will adapt to any Japanese bottom, whether it is chinos, denim pants or even cargo pants, you can also easily wear your haori with shorts typical of the Japan. However, if you want something warmer than the haori, opt for a Bomber or one Sukajan.

Want to be at the top of Japanese tradition? What better way than with Japanese clothing? If you're in summer mood, a haori or men's kimono jacket will be perfect for you, and you can even wear them with Japanese shorts. For a look in total harmony with tradition, don't hesitate to try our men's Japanese kimonos, you won't regret it! Finally, polish off your look with Japanese jogging pants and geta, and the land of the rising sun will no longer hold any secrets for you.