Japanese Fan

Discover without further delay our wide range of Japanese fans, a real essential in the Asian Culture, this Traditional Japanese Accessory will complete all your outfits.


The Japanese fan shapes the history of the country Sunrise for millennia, it has been a Japanese accessory which is an integral part of the Japanese culture :a real must-have! If you have ever had the chance to visit Japan, you must have seen that the Japanese worshiped Traditional Fans, impossible to find a single Japanese Shop in which there would be no fans, you will find them on every street corner and there will be something for everyone!

We decided to keep this spirit on My Japan Clothes by offering you a multitude of models, each more beautiful than the other in order to satisfy as many people as possible, you will therefore be able to find on our Japanese website the following models : Asian FanModern FanColorful Fan, and many other models just waiting for you!

You should know that there are two types of fans in Japan, firstly we find the Uchiha, an oval or round fan generally equipped with a non-foldable handle, the Round Fan is a real must-have for Asian Tradition, secondly we find the Ogi (also called Sensu fan), it's a Original Fan, the most popular known to all, it was invented in Japan by a peasant, legend has it that this peasant was inspired by the wings of a bat which folded and unfolded in order to build this Japanese Fashion Accessory.

Because yes, the fan is now a real fashion accessory, it has survived the generations and is constantly renewed, in terms of design and not in terms of shape strictly speaking because it has always kept its appearance from the first day!
As we talked about a little earlier, it is very easy to find fans in Japan, if unfortunately you have not yet had the chance to go to the land of the rising sun then our store will be perfect for you since the we offer you everything you can find in Japan, in premium quality of course!


Most of our Fans have a wooden handle, the Wooden Fan is a must, this accessory is very easy to use and it is really very pleasant to use, it will allow you to refresh yourself in all circumstances, no matter where you are, in fact, a fan is really very easy to carry, its light and compact design will allow you to take it everywhere with you, in your small bag for example or even in your pocket, incredible isn't it? Therefore, when summer comes around, all you have to do is take out your fan and air yourself as you wish.

Although this accessory has a real practical side, it nonetheless remains a fashion accessory that will allow you to complete any of your traditional outfits but also any of your streetwear outfits.
In terms of Traditional Outfits, the fan will go perfectly with a kimono, a yukata or even a Japanese dress, the ideal opportunity to do a good live in the Asian tradition and show everyone your love for this fabulous country that is Japan ! But that's not all, you know, at Japan Mood, we constantly advise you to mix streetwear and traditions, it's a perfect combo, a mix between vintage and modernity, you can easily find a model Vintage fan in our collection! So, the fan will also go very well with a streetwear sweatshirt and cargo pants, all complemented by a Japanese bomber jacket.

In 2023, wearing a fan is very fashionable among Tokyo youth, it is impossible to go out in the alleys of Harajuku without coming across someone who proudly displays their fan. Do like them now and choose the fan that best suits your personality, among all our models, here are some examples: Geisha Japanese FanRound Japanese FanJapanese Floral Pattern Fan, and many others like Kanagawa Wave Japanese Fan, the latter is one of the best-sellers in our collection, it is also available in limited quantities and only remains in stock for a very short time, the Kanagawa Wave is one of the most popular symbols of Asian tradition, it is a work by the famous Hokusai, depicting a gigantic wave off the coast of Tokyo Bay, threatening to engulf any boat that dares to get in its way.


Although the fan is a fashion accessory in its own right which has spanned the centuries, you absolutely must know that you can use it Interior decoration and in particular Wall decoration ! The Japanese love Traditional Decoration, it is for this reason that if you are lucky enough to one day enter the home of a Japanese person, you will undoubtedly find fans adorning the walls of the house!

In addition to a Japanese Interior Design traditional that we frequently find with paintings, prints or even noren, opt for a Wall Fan will make you a true enthusiast and will bring a touch of tradition to your interior while also bringing cheerfulness thanks to the bright colors that can be found on the fans. If you are hesitating between a traditional fan and a round fan for your 100% Japanese decoration, know that both are possible, you can opt for a wall decoration with only round Japanese fans, just as you can choose to put only traditional fans , or even mix the two styles to once again obtain a perfect combo between tradition and modernity, round fans remain completely traditional although they appeared a little later than traditional models.

If we had to offer you two models that we particularly like and which we think would be perfect on your walls, we would suggest the Large Fan, the latter is available in solid color and in several colors (Red FanWhite FanBlue Fan...), it is most of the time used as decoration because it is very large and will be less practical to transport! Secondly, we love the Sakura Flowers Fan, here too, the symbol is strong, the sakura flower is an integral part of Japanese culture, displaying a fan showcasing the Japanese cherry tree will give you a direct insight into this Asian culture that you appreciate so much!

So will you be able to make your choice from our large collection of fans? Whether for you or as a gift to someone, there is no doubt that this accessory will fill any lover of Japanese traditions with happiness, get yours now and proudly display it in the streets of Kyoto.

Complete any outfit with our Japanese accessories! Whether you're looking for a Japanese cap to protect you from the sun, a Japanese mask to complete your cosplay, a Japanese fan to liven up your outfit, a Japanese ring to be fashionable right down to your fingertips, or a Japanese umbrella to protect you from the rain as well as the sun, our collections are there for you!