Japanese Shirts

Get one of our Japanese T-shirt, whether for a look Traditional or Streetwear there will be something for everyone, wear it during mid-season and show everyone your love for it Japan.


Whatever your desire, whether it is Japanese pattern, Japanese scriptures or even with a print, the t-shirt is a must-have for Japanese Fashion, you therefore owe it to yourself to own one of our many coins, they perfectly represent the country of Sunrise and are in full agreement with the Japanese culture


As usual, one goal: to satisfy as many people as possible! It is for this reason that at Japan Mood you will be able to find a veritable slew of Printed T-shirt in very different styles, each more beautiful than the other, from Traditional T-shirt passing through the T-shirt Streetwear, there is no doubt that you will inevitably find what you are looking for among our wide range of Japanese clothing. Whether he is Long sleeves or to Short sleeves, in a classic cut or more modern like the T-shirt Oversize, whether embroidered, flocked, round neck or v-neck, the variations are numerous, however it is a real must-have for the Asian trend.

Our T-shirts contain a lot of references to Japanese culture and tradition, so if you want to wear a traditional style you will not have trouble finding what you are looking for, especially with the following patterns: the Kanagawa Wave, the Koi Carp, the Hannya Demon, the Maneki-Neko, Mount Fuji and many others.. All these patterns have an important capital in Japanese history, wearing a t-shirt featuring one of these designs will therefore be the perfect opportunity to show everyone your love for this fabulous country, and even if these t -shirts are decorated with traditional motifs, their coupe oversize will allow you to maintain a contemporary look.

However, if you want a urban look and streetwear, you will have to opt for pieces such as: T-shirt Motif Panda, Japan Vibes T-shirt or the Japanese Gold Dragon T-shirt, these are t-shirts with a more colorful and festive look, they will allow you to have a good live performance in summer thanks to the bright colors that make them up. Finally, for all fans of Manga And Anime, you can also very easily find what you are looking for on our online store, with a T-shirt Inspiration Anime or even a T-shirt Manga, ideal for all fans of One Piece, Naruto, Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball Z, Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan etc...


Our t-shirts are mostly made from 100% cotton, which gives them unparalleled softness and lightness, in fact, these are pieces that have been specially designed to allow you to offer unparalleled comfort while protecting you from heat and perspiration. There coupe oversize of our t-shirts will allow you to stay comfortable in all circumstances and maintain total freedom of movement.

It's the Japanese clothing perfect to have for the summer, even in case of strong heat you can wear our authentic pieces for any event, whether to stay calm at home or to go out to school or between friends ! For more chic events such as birthdays, weddings or baptisms you will rather opt for our traditional t-shirts, they will offer you a casual look while remaining sober and classy. Our t-shirts can be combined with any other piece to complete your outfit 100% Japanese, why not mix styles by combining your top with chino pants, cargo pants or even denim pants? When mi-saison when it's still a little cool you can easily add one of our many Japanese Sweatshirts or even a Bomber or Sukajan over your t-shirt! Finally, for shoes, be creative, try things and bring out your side atypical and offbeat, sneakers will go well with cargo pants, just as boots will go well with chinos.

Keep in mind that your outfit reflects your personality, so it is very important to make the right choices, so whether for yourself or to give as a gift, know that no matter which of our t-shirts you choose , it will satisfy any fan of the Japan who respects himself.

At My Japan Clothes, we're committed to providing you with all the Japanese clothing you need to achieve a 100% streetwear look. Streetwear pants can be paired with a Japanese shirt to blend in with the Harajuku crowd. Over the shirt, the choice is yours: a Japanese hoodie, a Japanese sweater, a Sukajan or a streetwear jacket. For finish, to be stylish in all circumstance, check out our sneakers collection. Whatever you choose, we've got the clothes you need to be on top of the Asian trend.