Kimono for Women

The Kimono is a Traditional clothes whose origins come to us straight from Japan, in recent years it has been able to integrate without problem into fashion and Western culture, here you can find a wide choice of Women's Kimono Jacket each one prettier than the other, whether short or long, sober with solid colors or atypical with bright colors, decorated or not with Traditional Japanese Patterns, in the form of Shirt or Cardigan, there really will be something for everyone. The kimono jacket is an authentic piece in perfect harmony with the Japanese culture, it will highlight you with its different cuts and will allow you to sport an elegant look while remaining relaxed. Rather suited to the summer period, the kimono jacket will go perfectly with any bottom: skirts, slim pants, wide pants, leggings and even swim shorts for going to the beach, plus it will adapt to any no matter what type of body type.


The women's kimono jacket is also known as Haori, at Japan Mood we still have two distinct collections for these items. 
This traditional Japanese clothing is adored by all women. In fact, kimono jackets are often sold in markets, so you can easily find one in any major Japanese city where there are markets. Japanese women love it and wear this piece all summer long.
It is a real must-have for the summer period for the simple reason that it is a very light garment because it is made from a light material, often in cotton, satin or polyester, you will have the impression of having nothing on the skin as the kimono jacket is thin and airy.

As its name suggests, its primary function is to be worn over a kimono, however when summer is around the corner and the heat is here, it is not uncommon to see Japanese women walking around in the streets of Tokyo with a kimono jacket next to the skin, provided that it is not transparent of course because Japanese women are very modest. The kimono jacket generally falls on the hips and will offer you a wide cut and ample in order to maintain total freedom of movement and the feeling of being comfortable in all circumstances. If you are a true fan of the culture of the country of Sunrise, you must have this part in your wardrobe, it's a must-have that will allow you to adopt a trendy look!

At the house of My Japan Clothes, we were keen to offer you as usual a slew of models, each more beautiful than the other, so can you make your choice among all these pieces? Thus, you will be able to find typical Japanese patterns such as the Kanagawa Wave, the Maneki-Neko, the famous Dragon, the Japanese Temples, the Cherry Blossoms or even the Japanese Cranes, a lot of patterns which will highlight you and which will also allow you to show everyone world your love for this fabulous country, so if you are looking for a Atypical Kimono, don't move, you're in the right place!

The female fashion is constantly evolving, especially in Japan where everything moves very quickly in terms of trends, so know that the women's kimono jacket has been able to adapt to fashion by innovating and constantly offering new designs, so that over time years, depending on the patterns on it, the kimono jacket can be as well a vintage traditional clothing than a modern and totally Streetwear brought up to date. If you decide to adopt a look streetwear, there is no doubt that you will find what you are looking for in our wide range of kimono jackets for women, for a top-notch outfit. Asian Fashion you can very well wear this item of clothing over a simple plain t-shirt, and if you want to push the streetwear and modern style to the limit then it will be essential to wear slim pants with a pair of sneakers straight from Japan.

However, if you want to stay in a rather traditional style and wear the kimono jacket for major events such as weddings, birthdays, baptisms, then this piece will be ideal and will allow you not to go unnoticed by the guests. You can wear a look sexy by combining the kimono jacket with mini shorts, while wearing heels or pumps, the long jacket is perfect for a style straight out of the streets of Nagoya. So will you be able to make your choice among all these models of clothes from Japan ?


If you want to add a touch of color to your look, the kimono jacket is a good solution, it is often decorated with traditional Japanese patterns and made up of bright colors which will highlight you. There are obviously several types of kimonos, the most popular are the fabric kimonos which will guarantee you comfort and lightness, you can also turn to the kimono de bain which is made from silk fabrics and which is low cut enough at the front to be worn over another garment. No matter your choice, the Japanese inspired kimono will look great on you! There are also kimono bathrobes which are traditionally called undressed kimono, it's a loose clothing which is usually worn at home when you get out of the shower or the Onsen (Japanese thermal bath), as you know, the Kimono has really integrated into Western culture and quite simply introduced Japan to the West.

So how to wear the kimono jacket? As we said earlier, the kimono jacket, as its name suggests, is worn over a Traditional Japanese Kimono, its loose cut will be easily readjusted thanks to the Obi which is the traditional Japanese belt, it will allow you to adapt the kimono or kimono jacket to your body shape in the blink of an eye.

So are you ready to make your choice? Know that no matter what kimono jacket you are going to acquire, if you want to give it as a gift you do not take too much risk, no matter its design, traditional, modern or streetwear, it will undoubtedly please everyone. any lover of Japan.

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