Japanese Hoodie

Sport one of our many Japanese Print Hoodie, they will be perfect for a colorful and atypical look Streetwear in perfect agreement with the Japanese Fashion.


If you want to sport a Urban Look you must have in your wardrobe one of our Hoodie. At the house of Japan Mood, you know, our goal is to satisfy as many people as possible, that's why we decided to offer you a lot of different models, each one more beautiful than the other in order to fill any fan with happiness. of streetwear. The choice will therefore be very difficult, rather basic sweatshirt or Hoodie ? The majority of the pieces present in this collection have been revisited up to date, no matter the patterns you choose, whether Traditional Patterns or not, you will still have a completely modern look and completely up to date. The goal is simple, to bring a touch of originality to your style and complete your 100% Japanese outfit.

There are therefore several models of sweatshirts, if you want to stay on top of the trend the Colorful Sweatshirt will be appropriate, it will allow you to highlight your side atypical and quirky, moreover even if our sweatshirts are obviously more suited to the winter period, their bright colors will allow you to bring cheerfulness to your style and will guarantee you a summer look even in the middle of winter. Among our most popular pieces in terms of streetwear look, you will be able to find in particular: the Japanese Writing Sweatshirt, the Ramen Sweatshirt or even the Maneki-Neko Sweatshirt, they are real must-haves of current fashion, they are very fashionable in Japan and it is not uncommon to come across the Tokyo population displaying these authentic pieces in the alleys of Harajuku. So which of these Japanese clothing will you choose? Whatever happens, our Japanese sweatshirt or Japanese Hoodie will know how to highlight you, with it it's impossible to go unnoticed!


Now, if you are more into a perspective of Japanese tradition you will have to orient yourself logically towards Traditional Japanese Pattern Sweatshirts, in fact, it is an opportunity to show everyone your love for the country of Sunrise and for this what could be better than wearing one of our traditional pieces in total agreement with the Japanese culture ? As said previously, it is very easy to maintain a modern look while wearing clothing with traditional patterns, so you can easily find patterns such as: the Kanagawa Wave, the Japanese Cranes, the Daruma and many more on our sweatshirts. still others...

That's not all, if your heart is swinging and you want to wear clothes related to your passion: the Manga, this will not be a problem either, in fact we also offer many models of Anime Inspiration Sweatshirt, ideal for all big fans of Fairy Tail, Naruto, One Piece or even Dragon Ball Z, these sweatshirts will be perfect for you to attend large Anime Event as Paris Manga for example, the opportunity to also wear why not a Cosplay.


Or rather what to wear my Japanese sweatshirt with? It will be very easy to complete any outfit thanks to our Streetwear Hoodie. For a traditional look you can undoubtedly wear one of our Traditional Japanese Sweatshirts with Japanese jogging pants or even chino pants! Underneath the sweatshirt you can opt for a plain t-shirt or a white tank top, finally for shoes a pair of boots will be perfect! However, if you wish to display a look streetwear, in this case you should rather opt for ripped denim pants or why not cargo pants, add to that a nice pair of sneakers and that's it.

As you can see, mixing styles is a very good idea in order to always stay on top of the asian fashion, even if it evolves very quickly.
You should also know that the majority of our sweatshirts are made from 100% cotton, a real guarantee of quality which will offer you comfort and warmth throughout the winter, they will also allow you to maintain total freedom of movement and therefore feel very comfortable in all circumstances. So whether it's going to school or going out with friends, our sweatshirts will be perfectly suited to any type of environment and will allow you to not go unnoticed anywhere! It's time to choose one and wear it all season long, moreover, even if our sweatshirts will keep you warm, they have been designed so as not to make you sweat, you will be able to so wear them from Spring or even during summer evenings when it's a little cool, a perfect garment for mid-season.

Get yours now or give it as a gift, no doubt it will satisfy any Japan fan.

At My Japan Clothes, we're committed to providing you with all the Japanese clothing you need to achieve a 100% streetwear look. Streetwear pants can be paired with a Japanese shirt to blend in with the Harajuku crowd. Over the shirt, the choice is yours: a Japanese hoodie, a Japanese sweater, a Sukajan or a streetwear jacket. For finish, to be stylish in all circumstance, check out our sneakers collection. Whatever you choose, we've got the clothes you need to be on top of the Asian trend.