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Discover our wide range of Japanese Umbrella, also known as Japanese Umbrellas, this accessory is an essential for Asian Culture.


Year after year, the Umbrella has managed to carve out a real place for itself in all homes, so today we can easily say that the Umbrellas are simply Fashion Accessories in its own right, at least this is the case in Japan and this phenomenon is gradually taking hold in Europe! No need for rain to see Tokyoites show off their beautiful Traditional Umbrellas, you will be able to see these Japanese Accessories any season! So you will have understood use of umbrellas is commonplace in Country of the rising sun, both to add an extra touch to your style and to protect yourself from the sun's rays or rain.

If I tell you that umbrella theft is very common in Japan, do you believe me? Although these umbrellas can be used as a fashion accessory, they will logically be more numerous in the streets. rainy days, in fact, when it rains in Japan you can observe umbrellas as far as the eye can see, the inhabitants of large cities such as Osaka or Yokohama leave their open umbrella in order to protect yourself from the rain, because when it rains in Japan it's not like in France, it can rain really a lot in a very short time.

Let's not stray from the subject, on rainy days it is very common for the Japanese to drop off their Umbrella at the entrance to the stores where they go to do their shopping, also at the entrance to markets when it is a covered market. This is precisely when an umbrella theft can take place! Two possibilities, the first, a person passing by and not having an umbrella to cover themselves in rainy weather will decide to grab the first umbrella that comes their way, the second possibility may simply be due to a error, in fact, umbrellas being very numerous at the entrance to stores, it can really be very difficult to recognize your umbrella unless it is for example a Personalized Umbrella or one Atypical Umbrella which really stands out and stands out from all the others!

It will therefore be appropriate to choose the model that will highlight you the most, whether it is a Automatic Umbrella or a Original Umbrella which could also be called Traditional Umbrella, by that we mean a manual opening umbrella, whatever your choice, our models are here to help you stand out from the rest.


What can a Japanese umbrella be used for? Let's start at the beginning, the first use of the Japanese umbrella is to protect yourself from the rain! Our parasols are practical and comfortable, in fact the handle of this Traditional Japanese Accessory has been specially designed to be pleasant to hold, they are also very light and compact, once folded you can easily transport them and therefore take them everywhere with you in order to stay dry in any circumstance ! 

For the rainy season, and high end umbrella will be required to protect you from gusts of wind. It is true that the Japanese love to watch the rain trickle, which is why the Transparent Umbrella is very popular in the land of the rising sun, the spectacle offered by the rain is simply incredible to observe.
But this is not the only role of Traditional Japanese Umbrella, in fact, it can also be used to simply protect itself from the sun's rays, this was indeed its primary function in the past, we will address the subject a little later.

Finally, as we have already talked about it a little above, without going into the heart of the matter because we will have time to discuss this point a little later as well, the Japanese parasol is now a real fashion accessory which will allow you to complete any of your Traditional Outfits. So whether you want a cheap umbrella or not, don't wait any longer and come and quickly find your happiness within our Japanese Shop.


The oiled paper umbrellas, also known as Tengai, are a kind of umbrellas invented in China which subsequently spread to neighboring countries, so it was during the period Asuka Although parasols originated in Japan, according to historians, they were imported from Korea.

Initially, the Japanese umbrella (wagasa from its Japanese name) was used by members of the imperial family but also by aristocrats to protect themselves from evil spirits and sunlight (and not rain).
Initially, parasols were made from washi paper oiled and lacquered and were not foldable, it was only later, during the Azuchi Momoyama period, and after a good number of evolutions of this accessory, that Foldable Umbrellas will be available for sale.

It was only after the Second World War that umbrellas disappeared and gave way to Western Umbrella, today it is easy to find Plastic Umbrellas in any Japanese store at a very affordable price. Although most traditional parasols are currently made in China, there are diehard creators in the heart of Japan, notably in Kyoto Yodoe and Gifu. 


As we talked about a little earlier, all our umbrellas are light and compact which allows you total freedom of movement when you have this traditional Japanese accessory in hand, its lightness will allow you to protect yourself from the rain or the sun without hurting your wrist, because we know that pain can very quickly appear if you use a parasol which is not really optimal and which is of low quality, carrying it all day can quickly become a real Calvary !

With our traditional parasols, you will obviously not have this problem.
So which umbrella will you be able to choose? This will initially depend on the outside temperature and the seasonality, if we are in the middle of winter then it will be appropriate to opt for a winter umbrella, by this we mean a Large Umbrella so that it covers you completely and does not let any drop of rain pass through, or even runoff. In fact, runoff can be a problem on certain umbrellas that do not have an optimal size, our models have been specially developed so that the runoff of water drops does not fall on you and your clothes, the goal is to stay safe. dry no matter it rains, snows or winds!

Us Retractable Umbrellas can therefore be used in winter as well as summer, in wet periods as well as in dry periods, if you want a Summer Umbrella, not to be confused with a Parasol, it will then be good to choose an umbrella in a light color! In summer, dark colors will make you feel much more warm because they capture the sun's rays much more easily, therefore, for very hot months like June, July, August and even September depending on the the region in which you are located, you can forget about opting for a Black Umbrella, be under a Black Parasol in the middle of summer will be a real challenge as the heat will be intense below. We therefore advise you to opt for light and summery colors with for example a Green Umbrella, and Red Umbrella or one of the must-haves in our collection, the White Umbrella.

Now that we have talked about the choice of the Japanese umbrella depending on the weather outside, we will approach this accessory rather as a real fashion accessory since the umbrella has established itself over the years and become a real object which will allow you to complete any traditional dress, or not for that matter! Indeed, although the Japanese parasol will go perfectly with a number of totally traditional outfits which will allow you to immerse yourself in a 100% Japanese world, among these outfits we can cite the kimono, the yukata or even the sukajan which will be ideal for cover a Japanese dress in cold weather, the parasol can also complete many of your streetwear outfits! 
Indeed, the mix between streetwear and traditions is more and more popular in Japan, so it is not uncommon to come across people in the streets of Harajuku with a totally streetwear look but still with a traditional touch, the models that we offer on our website will therefore be ideal for achieving this kind of look, among these models you can choose between: Vintage Umbrella, Geisha Umbrella, Sakura Pattern Umbrella, Floral Pattern Umbrella, Japanese Landscape Umbrella and many other models just waiting to be displayed on the streets!

So do you feel ready to adopt one of our wonderful parasols and show everyone your love for the land of the rising sun? The choice is yours!

Complete any outfit with our Japanese accessories! Whether you're looking for a Japanese cap to protect you from the sun, a Japanese mask to complete your cosplay, a Japanese fan to liven up your outfit, a Japanese ring to be fashionable right down to your fingertips, or a Japanese umbrella to protect you from the rain as well as the sun, our collections are there for you!