Japanese Decoration

Immerse your Interior decoration in a Japanese universe thanks to our Japanese decoration authentic, it's the opportunity to show everyone your love for Japan.


If you are a true undisputed fan of the land of the rising sun, then dressing in traditional Japanese clothes is no longer enough for you! You now want to adopt a Japanese Interior Decoration in order to make a good direct in the Japanese tradition, And you are right. Discover a multitude of Japanese Wall Decorations on our online store, Decorations that you can usually only find in Japan, we make it easier for you by providing you with all these Japanese works within reach.

As always, and always with the ambition to satisfy as many people as possible, Japan Mood offers you a multitude of different decorations, Japanese Paintings, Japanese prints, Japanese Noren, Daruma or Maneki-Neko will be there to satisfy you and bring a little joy and cheerfulness to your home. So if you want to proudly display a Traditional Japanese Decoration, You are in the right place ! 


Dive into the heart of our Japanese Shop and choose the Japanese Interior Design which will suit you best, the one which will represent your personality and which will allow all your guests to discover with amazement your love for Japan when they set foot in your home.

Let's start with the centerpiece of our collection: the Traditional Japanese Paintings, these works of art will allow you to immerse your apartment in a Japanese decoration, we of course offer a very complete and very diversified range, so you can easily find: Gray Red Painting Japan, Japanese Inspired Painting, Kanagawa Wave Painting or even Japanese Triptychs.

If you want to opt for an even more traditional and even more ancestral decoration, there is no doubt that you will love our Traditional Japanese Prints, it's a Wall decoration essential which will bring light to your cocoon as well as Zen Mood, you should also know that prints go perfectly with Japanese Decorative Furniture and that they will really have the ability to bring a “natural” side to your interior. Indeed, the majority of prints represent Japanese landscapes as well as Japanese culture, in particular work in the fields very early in the morning, if you want to bring this natural side to your interior you will inevitably appreciate the prints highlighting green landscapes and Japanese mountains. 

If you are running out of Decorating Ideas and you are looking for a Decorative Objects Japanese par excellence, come and take a look at our Traditional Japanese Noren, they will be perfect for bringing a piece of history to your interior decoration. Noren has managed to evolve over time, so that now you might as well choose a Traditional Noren one Modern Noren, the designs and patterns will allow you to personalize your interior endlessly.

How to talk about Japanese decor without mentioning Daruma and the Maneki-Neko, these are two essential symbols of Japan, you will not find a single store that does not have a Maneki-Neko, it is a symbol of warm welcome and it is often positioned at the checkout level to encourage the customer to spend a lot of money. money, this Lucky Cat is supposed to bring fortune to the one who possesses it, however the symbolism of this Japanese Cat can change depending on its color but also on the paw it lifts. Concerning the Daruma, it symbolizes luck and prosperity, it is notably used as a piggy bank and it therefore allows you to protect your savings, you cannot claim to be a fan of Japan if you do not have one, like the Maneki-Neko, it will have different symbolism depending on its color.

So, ready to proudly display 100% Japanese decoration? It's now or never to make a splash in Asian tradition and adorn all the walls of your apartment with traditional Japanese decorations, whether for yourself or as a gift, our asian decorations will fill their new owners with happiness.

If you're a fan of Japanese decoration, take a look at our collection of Japanese noren, Japanese print and Japanese wall art. But that's not all: our Daruma and Maneki-Neko collections will also delight you, and immerse your home in a world reminiscent of the land of the rising sun.