Story of My Japan Clothes


My Japan Clothes is quite simply the story of 2 young people aged 23 and 24 who decided to put their passion at your service!

After a long journey in Asia end of the year 2017 the project takes on its full meaning, in fact Liam and David begin to discuss the subject of creating a Japanese Streetwear brand, because finding Japanese products in Japan It's easy, however, when you're in France it's much more complicated.

At that time no serious site offered the sale of japanese clothing, whether it be Streetwear clothing or traditional clothes, Liam and David still decide to finish their studies before embarking on the project of their life!

Once their studies are completed, at the end of 2018, our 2 acolytes create the website My Japan Clothes, a site on which all fans of Japan will be able to find their happiness, the crème de la crème of Japanese Streetwear, the top of the Asian trend, everything is there. The first 6 months, My Japan Clothes sells clothing collections in the form of "drop", in fact only a limited quantity of products is available, however given the scale of the success and in view of the sales which follow one another, the collections are quickly sold out.

It was only after 6 months that the team My Japan Clothes decided to no longer do this "drop" system and to leave the site open all year round, the team quickly expanded given that processing orders and sending them represents a lot of work stupendous.


Our goal is to always offer you more new products and to remain constantly evolving in terms of Asian trend and fashion, for this we directly import our clothes from Japan, one of the points we care most about is quality!

Indeed, quality is clearly the watchword for all the parts on our site, we scrupulously choose our different suppliers in order to offer you an ever more satisfactory customer experience with each order.

Only clothing present in the Collection Capsule are not imported from Japan, it is a limited edition collection which was designed by our teams and which is inspired by Japanese Streetwear.

Order from My Japan Clothes is a real guarantee of quality, your personal information is completely secure thanks to the partners with whom we work, we do not subcontract after-sales service (After-Sales Service), it is indeed our teams who take care of it directly from our offices in order to best meet all your requirements.

All this makes My Japan Clothes the number 1 reference in terms of Japanese Fashion, we thank you for your trust and your many positive reviews on Google (98% satisfied customers, it is our greatest pride).


At the house of My Japan Clothes we have ambitions and they are very clear, we want to democratize the Japanese Streetwear in France, as said above, Japanese Streetwear Clothing are very difficult to find in France, this is why we created Japan Mood, in order to meet the needs of French people passionate about japanese fashion.

We want to share our passion through fashion, we are true lovers of Japanese culture and we really want to introduce this to as many people as possible!


We love sharing our passion through social networks (Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok...), our community has more than 50,000 members, we have also decided to set up an ambassador program, currently we have more than 500 ambassadors for our brand, which allows us to have a lot of visibility, and all thanks to you (if you are a fan of asian fashion and you would like to join our ambassador program, do not hesitate to contact us directly by email).