Japanese Noren

The Japanese Noren is ideal for adopting a Asian Interior Decoration, these Japanese Door Curtains will beautify your home and make you an undisputed fan of Japan.


What's better than a Traditional Japanese Noren to decorate your interior and show everyone your love for the country of Sunrise
We were keen to offer you a complete collection of Japanese curtains in order to beautify your Door Frames. The Curtain Noren is clearly the accessory of Japanese decoration by excellence, it is very popular in Japan and it is therefore very common to find it in the heart of homes, both in large cities such as Tokyo, Osaka or Yokohama, and in small Japanese villages such as Tsumago or Taketomi.

This Traditional Asian Curtain will adapt perfectly to the frame of your door, it has a slot in the middle which opens to allow free passage, its primary role is to be able to "hide" a room without having to close the door, even if its main role still remains to decorate its interior in order to obtain a Japanese universe and show all your guests the love you have for the Japanese habits and customs. Although this Japanese decorative accessory has managed to find its place in homes year after year, it was initially found at the entrance to stores.


Will you succeed in making your choice from our wide range of noren? My Japan Clothes is constantly evolving and trying to constantly renew its collections in order to offer you maximum diversity and to fill the greatest number of you with happiness, it is for this reason that we offer you on our Japanese Shop of the Traditional Japanese Noren but also Modern Japanese Noren, so you can opt for a Traditional Decoration in perfect agreement with the Japanese culture with for example models such as our Wave of Kanagawa Noren or our Maneki-Neko Japanese Noren, just as you can opt for a Japanese Modern Decoration with models such as our Japanese Daruma Noren or our Japanese Koi Carp Noren.

This curtain is a real decorative partition which will preserve your privacy, it is usually positioned at the level of the kitchen door because it also helps to retain the odors and the smoke which can emerge from this room when you cook good traditional dishes. Elegant and practical, this Japanese decor will allow you to bring color and therefore cheerfulness to your interior, no more dark and gloomy rooms, with our noren you will be sure to bring your interior decoration to life!

Whether you live in a large house or a small apartment, this Traditional Japanese Accessory will adapt to any environment, it is sold on our store in one size, a size which has been studied by our teams in order to adapt perfectly to all doors. Although it is usually placed on door frames, Japanese noren can also be placed on windows to serve as a traditional curtain, so it can protect you from the light of the sun's rays but also from the wind.

Decorating your home with a Japanese noren is a true passionate choice, get yours now, whether for yourself or as a gift, this curtain will delight any fan of Japanese tradition.

If you're a fan of Japanese decoration, take a look at our collection of Japanese noren, Japanese print and Japanese wall art. But that's not all: our Daruma and Maneki-Neko collections will also delight you, and immerse your home in a world reminiscent of the land of the rising sun.