Japanese Sweater

Choose your Japanese sweater now among our wide range of Japanese clothing, whether for a Look Streetwear or a sober and casual look, it will accompany you throughout the winter.


You know it at Japan Mood, the watchword is: diversity! We are committed to offering you a huge range of models with a lot of different styles in order to fill as many people as possible with happiness. If you are a real fan of the country of Sunrise then you are in the right place and you will be able to find the Traditional Japanese Sweater which will accompany you during the long winter days.

Since there is only one step between traditional sweater and Streetwear Sweater, let's now talk about the models that you will be able to find in our collection. For a look in total agreement with the Japanese culture, you will undoubtedly opt for sweaters adorned with Traditional Japanese Patterns such as: the Kanagawa Wave, the Cherry Blossoms or the Japanese Cranes, our objective is to offer you clothes typical of your favorite country, so you can also find Japanese Inscription Sweaters but also Pulls Inspiration Manga et Anime, the latter are often displayed at trade fairs honoring Japan, a place in which we can see many fans sporting a Cosplay.

If, however, you prefer to obtain a streetwear look and a Urban Look, don't panic, we have many models that will definitely match your desires, such as Colorful Sweaters with a totally atypical style highlighting animals. You are probably aware that animals have a very important place within the Japanese tradition, recently they have been at the heart of fashion and streetwear, in fact, many designers have had fun integrating animals into clothing, so it is not uncommon to come across in the alleys of Harajuku people proudly displaying a Animal Pattern Sweater, you can therefore without any problem find sweaters highlighting the following animals: Cat, Whale, Shark, Penguin, Goose, Dinosaur and many others...


Everything will depend on your desires and the look you want to sport, if you want a sober and relaxed style you will have to opt for rather basic pieces such as our Vintage Sweaters, these will allow you to obtain a look that is both classy and retro, you can also stay sober while adding a little bit of discreet colors, for example with a Mountain Pattern Sweater.

If you are a fan of Manga like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece... So the question does not arise, our Japanese Anime Inspired Sweater sky blue will be ideal for you, but your heart will definitely swing for the Kawaii Fairy Tails Pullover black, so why not choose both? As a big fan of the land of the rising sun, a Kanagawa Sweater or one Geisha Pattern Sweater will surely fill you with happiness, it will also be an opportunity to show everyone your love for Japan.

Finally, for a streetwear and urban look at the top of the Japanese trend, our colorful sweaters like the flames pattern pullover or even the Skeleton Pattern Sweater will know how to stand out from the crowd and highlight you. You will have understood, whatever your choice, our sweaters are available in a lot of variations, it's a streetwear clothing which can be worn on any occasion, whether to stay comfortable at home or to go out with friends and show everyone your atypical side. All our Streetwear Pullover are embroidered in a traditional way and made from cotton, which will guarantee you unparalleled comfort and resistance, the feeling of being in a cocoon, the perfect ally to face the long winter days. The traditional embroidery present on our authentic pieces will give them a timeless look, whether for a style sportswear or not, the Japanese Hoodie made a lot of noise in the world of fashion and has established itself over time as a real reference.

So whether to give as a gift or for yourself, there is no doubt that each of the pieces presented in this collection will delight a fan of the Japan

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