Japanese Clothing

Opt now for one of our many Japanese clothing, whether you want to adopt a sober and relaxed look or a colorful and atypical look, take a look directly into the Japanese Streetwear and immediately choose the piece that will highlight you throughout the season!


You are passionate about fashion and Asian Trend and you want to show everyone your love for Japan ? Then you are in the right place! There Asian Fashion and more precisely Japanese is a question of balance, the Japanese do not worry about the gaze of others, so you can very well mix for example a high Traditional with a stylish bottom Streetwear, there are no rules, so get ready to adopt a look straight out of the alleys of Yokohama.


My Japan Clothes offers you a lot of references, each more beautiful than the other, so that you are a Men or a Women you will inevitably find what you are looking for on our website.

If you wish to opt for a Traditional clothes, there is no doubt that you will love our Kimonos, we offer 2 types, the Traditional Kimonos which will be ideal to offer you a look in total agreement with Japanese Culture, but also the Kimono Jacket, these will offer you a slightly more Modern style. The Kimono has been an essential item of clothing in Japanese tradition for thousands of years, and any fan of the Japan who respects himself must have one in his wardrobe, it literally means "carried on oneself", it represents a heritage recognized throughout the world and is an integral part of the Japanese culture.

Our Traditional Clothing will adapt to any type of body shape, if we once again take the example of Kimono, which is clearly THE Traditional Clothing par excellence, the Loose fit of this exceptional piece will guarantee you unparalleled comfort in all circumstances, whatever the season, whether it's hot or cold, to stay comfortable at home or to go out with friends during chic events .

Do you know the Yukata ? It's a term Japanese which means "light kimono", it is therefore most of the time worn in summer, by both men and women. Traditionally, Yukata are white or indigo, however our teams will be able to offer you other models, each more colorful than the other. others, while respecting the Tradition. The origin of this garment dates back to the Heian period, a time in history where Japanese Aristocrats used the Yukatabira (light linen garment) in the onsen, the latter are thermal baths used for ritual ablutions.

So rather Yukata or Kimono? Make your choice and adopt a Traditional look now!


You like traditional clothing but you would still like to bring a little modernity to your style by adopting a Look Streetwear ? Once again, you are in the right place!

At the house of My Japan Clothes we know how to diversify, which is why it was very important for us to also offer a range of Streetwear clothing, which is great with the Japanese Fashion, is that the streetwear and traditional look can be mixed without problems.

So, on our store you can find Japanese t-shirts, of the Japanese Sweatshirts or even Streetwear Pants and many other clothes at the top of the Japanese trend, whether for men or women.
As mentioned above, the traditional kimono has given way to Kimono dress, the latter will allow you to completely revisit your style by guaranteeing you a completely modern and relaxed look, our kimono jackets are all more beautiful than the others, they are very light and have a loose cut, which will guarantee you unrivaled comfort whatever the season.

And if you try it Haori ? It is a traditional Japanese jacket which is usually worn over a kimono, the origins of this garment date back to the Edo period.

Your new look is within reach!

At My Japan Clothes, we're committed to providing you with all the Japanese clothing you need to achieve a 100% streetwear look. Streetwear pants can be paired with a Japanese shirt to blend in with the Harajuku crowd. Over the shirt, the choice is yours: a Japanese hoodie, a Japanese sweater, a Sukajan or a streetwear jacket. For finish, to be stylish in all circumstance, check out our sneakers collection. Whatever you choose, we've got the clothes you need to be on top of the Asian trend.