Mens Japanese Kimono


You won't find more Traditional that this Japanese clothing which is a real essential for any fan of the Japan who respects himself, get yours immediately and have a good live in the famous culture of the country of Sunrise


If you want a chic and casual outfit to stay quietly at home, the Men's Traditional Kimono will be ideal and can very well serve you as Japanese pajamas, an authentic garment that is sure to fill you with happiness. Firstly, it is necessary to differentiate the Kimono of Yukata, we offer you a wide range of Traditional clothes with typical Japanese motifs, each more beautiful than the other, but in this first part we will focus on the Japanese Kimono. We were keen to offer you many models in order to satisfy as many people as possible, as you will see there will be something for everyone.

The kimono est le traditional Japanese clothing par excellence, if you wish to integrate into the country and its inhabitants what could be better than to dress in an authentic and traditional kimono in perfect harmony with the Japanese culture. There are all types, so you can admire kimonos with a Vintage totally traditional and typical of the country Sunrise, just as you will also be able to find pieces with a more Modern look brought up to date in order to satisfy the youngest among you. At the house of Japan Mood, we are constantly evolving our collections by regularly adding new models, so you can find kimonos with different patterns: geometric, linear, abstract, or even Traditional Patterns like the Kanagawa Wave, the Cherry Blossoms or the Japanese Cranes, the choice will therefore be difficult between a sober kimono in solid black colors or an atypical kimono with an offbeat look and bright colors.

No matter your choice, if you are a true fan of the Japan, you are aware that the kimono can be worn for any occasion, as said a little earlier it can very well serve as Japanese pajamas at home while remaining comfortable in all circumstances, whether either to quietly watch TV on your sofa or to have a good night's sleep, but that's not all, the kimono is a real go-anywhere, so you can also wear it without worry, that's moreover its main function, during chic events, the opportunity to show everyone your love for this fabulous country by wearing this magnificent traditional clothing during birthdays, weddings or even to celebrate the birth of a newcomer.

A question that some people are undoubtedly asking, how is the Japanese kimono made? It is a garment which is assembled from pieces of fabric, it is subsequently embroidered to take the shape of a T, typical of Asian countries, it is very common today to see the kimono in any what other country because it has managed to carve out a real place for itself in Western culture. You will also be able to find the kimono in France during major trade fairs dedicated to Japan or even to Manga And Anime, it is not uncommon to find in this type of event a good number of people wearing a kimono as a Cosplay.

How to wear the kimono? Traditionally, it is very important to fold the left side over the right side then hold everything together using the traditional belt called Heart, this belt is most of the time supplied with the Japanese kimono. Now that we've covered it, let's move on to Japanese yukata.


Now let's talk about Yukata, do you know how the kimono is different from the yukata? It's very simple, the kimono is usually worn with Geta while the yukata is worn with daybreak or, these words may not be familiar to you, they are traditional japanese shoes. The yukata is ideal for summer, at least as soon as the heat starts to creep in, so you can start wearing it in spring, in fact this traditional garment is more suited to the summer period than the kimono because its fabric is finer and more airy, so it will allow you to feel comfortable even in the heat, it is one of the traditional Japanese clothes the most common, moreover, just like the kimono, it has become completely democratized in Western culture, and you can also wear it both indoors to stay comfortable during your summer evenings, and outdoors to go to chic events! You will have understood, whatever your choice, whether it is a kimono or a yukata, we are convinced that this authentic piece will fill you with happiness and will make you think every day of the Japanese tradition of which you are surely a big fan. 

So ready to adopt a chic and casual look? Don't wait any longer and wear one of our traditional Japanese clothes now, don't forget that our kimonos and yukatas are in Japanese sizes, so it is important to refer to the size guide before finalizing your order.

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