Women Japanese Kimono


Over the years the Kimono for Women has become a true essential of tradition and Japanese Fashion, choose from our many models and show off yours during chic events in the alleys of Harajuku.


Are you looking for a Traditional clothes ? The Japanese Kimono is made for you ! A real must-see for traditional events in Japan, whether for a wedding, a birthday or any other occasion during which you need to adopt a Chic look, the Long Kimono also known as Kimono Jacket will be ideal. Tradition has a very important place in Japanese culture, this is why you absolutely must have a Women Japanese Kimono in your wardrobe in order to integrate as much as possible into the habits and customs of this wonderful country.

What if we talked a little about the history of the kimono? For a long time, the word kimono designated all types of clothing, it was only when Western clothing was introduced to Japan that the term kimono became a little more specialized in order to designate the famous traditional dress Japanese with a loose T-shaped cut. A kimono is made from rectangles of fabric sewn together, these pieces of fabric are never cut again! There are several types of kimono but for the most part the sleeves are very long, even reaching the ground for some models, it is for this reason that we say that this traditional garment has a cut in T. 

The kimono, whether traditional or revisited with a slightly more modern look, falls to the foot, it therefore covers your entire body and is generally very light, there are also Transparents Kimonos with a totally summer look, it is a garment that is very light, plus its large cut and oversize will guarantee you extraordinary comfort, whatever the conditions. The kimono does not really take your body shape into account, which is why it adapts perfectly to both men and women.


No matter the circumstances, the kimono adapts to any environment, it is a real garment that goes everywhere, as indicated a little earlier, it is the Traditional Japanese Costume par excellence, it will be worn both outdoors and indoors! Indeed, it is not uncommon to see the Japanese wearing a traditional kimono at home in order to adopt a sober and relaxed look and to feel comfortable whatever the circumstances, the kimono is a prestigious garment which will have its place as much in trendy evenings as in your bed as night gownJapanese pajamas, dressing gown, or bathrobe to sleep in complete relaxation. You will have understood, the Japanese Style Kimono is therefore a must-have if you want to sport a traditional Japanese look.

At the house of My Japan Clothes, we have a multitude of models, each more beautiful than the next, our kimonos will allow you to adopt different looks depending on the patterns printed or embroidered in a traditional way, so you can without any problem adopt a look Vintage if you wish, just as you can adopt a more Modern and in keeping with the times, obviously remaining in accordance with the tradition of this fabulous country. Most of our kimonos or Women Yukata are sold with the traditional belt, also known as Heart, it will allow you to tighten the garment as you wish so that it adapts perfectly to your physique. One of the popular names to designate the Traditional Japanese Kimono is the Furisode, the latter is really a must-have in terms of tradition, the sleeves touch the ground and allow you to have a feeling of intense freedom, ideal for mid-season.

So do you rather want to adopt a sober look with a classic black or white kimono, or rather a quirky and colorful look with traditional Japanese motifs such as the Kanagawa Wave, Cherry Blossoms, Japanese Cranes, the Rising Sun and many other magnificent designs. Whether for you or as a gift to a close fan of the asian culture, the kimono is the perfect gift for any self-respecting lover of Japan, there is no doubt that you will make someone happy by offering one of the exceptional pieces present on our store. Make your choice, yukata, kimono, pajamas kimono ? There are many variations but each one is more beautiful than the last. Proudly wear this traditional garment and pay homage to Japanese culture.

At My Japan Clothes, women can also adopt a look that reflects their passion: Japan! And what better way to do it than with Japanese clothes? For a streetwear look, opt for women's pants and a women's kimono jacket. If you want a more traditional look, a women's Japanese kimono (also known as a furisode) is just the thing. For even more femininity, the Japanese dress will suit you perfectly. Finally, to stay on top of Asian fashion even when it's time to sleep, discover our Japanese pajamas.