Japanese Sweatpants

Opt now for a Japanese Streetwear Jogging, ideal to complete your outfit, this Japanese clothing will also allow you to adopt a Urban Look, choose yours and display it proudly in the streets of Sendai.


Jogging is simply Sportswear Pants par excellence, it will naturally offer you a sporty look, there are several types in order to be able to offer you different looks, always with the aim of satisfying as many people as possible.
Thus, within our collection of Streetwear Sweatpants, you can without any problem find pants specially designed for Sport with a straight cut or even one slim fit and more or less atypical or plain patterns. These pants will offer you unparalleled comfort, most of them are made from cotton or of polyester which gives them a really soft and pleasant texture to wear, which is also the main goal of jogging: to feel comfortable. Most of our jogging pants have a drawstring that will allow you to adapt the garment to your body shape in the blink of an eye! 

Keep in mind that our main job is to provide you with Japanese Inspired Clothing, this is why we offer you a wide range of Traditional Japanese Sweatpants, these are pants with a wide cut which will allow you total freedom of movement and patterns in perfect harmony with the tradition of the country of Sunrise, so you can find Japanese patterns such as: the Japanese Dragon, the Daruma, the Hannya Demon, the Koi Carp, the Japanese Crane, the Kanagawa Wave and many others. All our pants are Unisex Joggings, they will suit both men and women.


Or rather, what to wear sweatpants with? It all depends on the model you are going to choose, if you want a Look Streetwear and you choose for example our Multi color Jogging Koki, it will go perfectly with one of the t-shirts from our Japanese t-shirt collection, a colorful model will match perfectly with this Atypical jogging. However, if you wish to stay in a Traditional Japanese Look by opting for a Large Jogging, the kimono as well as the kimono jacket will be essential to highlight yourself and show everyone your love for the Japan.

No matter what you want, whether you choose an urban look or a Sporty look, the Tracksuit will follow you everywhere and offer you a casual style, whether in winter or in the middle of summer, the materials that make up these pants will allow you not to sweat, however if you want to wear jogging pants in the middle of winter, do not hesitate to opt for slim jogging pants, in fact this type of jogging is better suited to keeping you warm during a sporting activity during the long winter days.

Last tip for your tracksuit bottoms, it is essential to wear a good pair of sneakers, you will not find anything better than this type of shoe to enhance your look even more, also remember to match the rest of your outfit to your jogging pants, it is Very important !


In Japan, the Sweatpants has a very important place in fashion, whether for boys or girls. We can often see very popular artists wearing jogging pants with a totally atypical and colorful look during performances and concerts, this is the case for example with K-pop groups such as: BTS, Exo or even Twice, it is Moreover, this is why jogging has become so popular in Japan, no matter your style you will definitely find the piece you need!

If you want a rather discreet and sober look then you will undoubtedly have to turn to a straight cut tracksuit in solid colors, it's a real all-purpose item that will allow you to adapt to any type of environment, whether it's playing sports or flexing with friends while being on top of the game. Japanese trend.

Quickly choose yours, whether for yourself or to give as a gift, traditional jogging pants will delight any fan of Japan.

Want to be at the top of Japanese tradition? What better way than with Japanese clothing? If you're in summer mood, a haori or men's kimono jacket will be perfect for you, and you can even wear them with Japanese shorts. For a look in total harmony with tradition, don't hesitate to try our men's Japanese kimonos, you won't regret it! Finally, polish off your look with Japanese jogging pants and geta, and the land of the rising sun will no longer hold any secrets for you.