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Dive into a Japanese universe thanks to our complete collection of Japanese prints, the perfect opportunity to show everyone your unconditional love for Japan by personalizing your Interior decoration.


If you are a true fan of the country of Sunrise then you owe it to yourself to decorate your interior according to your passion! It is at this precise moment that we intervene, by offering you a multitude of Japanese works All more beautiful than the other. As always with My Japan Clothes, we have a single mission: to satisfy as many people as possible, which is why our Traditional Japanese Prints are very diverse, although for the most part they are totally typical of the Japanese tradition. So, you can easily find on our Japanese Shop of the Japanese prints developed from Canvas, a real must-have in terms of Interior Decoration or even Wall decoration.

Among all our models you can find for example a Kanagawa Wave Print or even a Japanese Landscape Print. You will have understood, finding your happiness has never been so easy, so don't wait any longer and immediately take a look at our models, they will surely fill any fan of Japanese culture with happiness who respects himself.


What if we now tackle the history of prints? You should know that Japanese prints are also called Woodcut, they were at the height of their popularity during the Edo period, their Japanese name is ukiyo-e which literally means "image of the floating world", these Traditional Japanese Paintings have a very important place in the Japanese Art, it is therefore not surprising to find them inside Tokyo houses in particular.

But then how are prints made? The process of making prints is also called "xylography", it takes place in four stages.
Initially, the artist will simply draw on white paper with a black felt-tip pen, it is only later that he will give the printer indications concerning the colors, this is the second step of making a print. A little later, it will be a watercolor which will be painted before being given to the printer, it is moreover this technique which was used in particular by the famous Hokusai during the creation of his most famous work: the Kanagawa Wave, a gigantic wave off the coast of Tokyo Bay, ready to swallow up any boat that dared to get in its way. Thirdly, the engraver will sculpt the blocks of wood and will take care to use a different wood for each color, it is then the printer who will apply the colors to the blocks and then the paper to each block as well. . Finally, to finish, the last step consists of bringing together the artists who according to the publisher have real talent, finally to create quality prints which can be sold at a high price. That's it, you now know the story of these Japanese engravings and you also know all the steps that allow their creations.

You will have understood, prints and art in general have a prominent place in the history of Japan, so if you want to decorate your home taking inspiration from Japanese habits and customs, choose from our wide range!

If you're a fan of Japanese decoration, take a look at our collection of Japanese noren, Japanese print and Japanese wall art. But that's not all: our Daruma and Maneki-Neko collections will also delight you, and immerse your home in a world reminiscent of the land of the rising sun.