Discover our complete collection of Daruma, this famous lucky charm Japanese is sold in the form of piggy bank, but it can also simply serve as a decorative element to complete your Japanese decoration.


Bring a touch of Japan into your home with one of our magnificent Daruma ! If you are a true fan of the land of the rising sun, you undoubtedly know this famous japanese figurine made of papier-mâché, its design is directly inspired by the Buddhist monk Bodhidharma. This Japanese accessory is among other things a symbol of perseverance and success, but we will see a little later the different meanings of Daruma depending on its color. Both as a decorative element to complete a Interior decoration 100% Japanese, only to use it as a piggy bank, which is its primary function, this little figurine will bring color to your room and above all, it will bring you luck!

But then where does the Daruma ? The history of this Japanese object is closely linked to the story of the Buddhist monk Bodhidharma, the latter is the initiator of Zen Buddhism in Japan. During a pilgrimage between the fifth and sixth centuries BC, he first stopped at a Chinese monastery where he taught Chan Buddhism, as well as the practice of several martial arts. Once he had resumed his journey, he decided to stop in a cave in which he spent more than nine years observing the walls of the cave, without moving or even closing his eyes. Legend has it that at the end of the seventh year the monk fell asleep, when he woke up he was furious with himself and perceived this falling asleep as a real lack of discipline, he then made an unequivocal decision: to cut his eyelids. After so many years spent without moving, the monk logically lost the use of his limbs, this is why the Daruma is represented without arms or legs, but also with large open eyes without eyelids, in order to represent the struggle and perseverance.


As we mentioned a little above, Daruma can have different meanings depending on the color it is covered with: 

- Red : luck and fortune 
- White : purity and balance
- Gold : money and fame
- Black : protection against evil spirits
- Green : health and fitness
- Orange : academic success or prosperity
- Blue : professional success
- Purple : personal development or health
- Pink : love and romance

There you go, now you already know a little more about the Japanese Daruma.
It is very common to find on this traditional figurine of the Japanese Kanji, these scriptures are generally related to the virtue of Daruma, for example for a Red Daruma, you will have a Japanese kanji meaning "luck and fortune", for a Purple Daruma, you will have a Japanese kanji whose translation into French will be "personal development or health", etc...

As you will have understood, this Traditional Japanese Object will have its place in any fan of Japanese culture who respects himself, get yours now and proudly display it in your bedroom or living room!

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