Sukajan Jacket


Wear a Traditional Style and typical of Japan thanks to our Sukajan and Bombers, warm and authentic clothing that perfectly reflects the Japanese culture.


The Sukajan, also known as Souvenir Jacket is a typical jacket of the Japanese tradition, dating from the Second World War. This authentic piece is inspired by the famous baseball jackets. Originally, Sukajan were completely customizable, so they were adapted to each person and had a special meaning, at home. Japan Mood we were keen to respect Japanese Tradition by maintaining this line of conduct, our Sukajan are therefore all perfectly representative of the Asian Culture. This garment is a perfect mix between Streetwear and traditional, it will therefore allow you to sport a casual look while remaining at the top of the Japanese Fashion, what's more, its extraordinary quality will offer you foolproof comfort while keeping you warm throughout the winter.


Once the Second World War ended, the remains of parachute fabrics were used by the Americans in order to manufacture Lightweight Jackets bearing the image of the country's great Universities, at first the patterns present on these clothes are camouflage patterns of military inspiration, then little by little, they will diversify in order to resemble a mixture of culture japanese and American. It was shortly after that the movement named Very much takes certain elements to create the Sukajan which will quickly become a local classic that no one can do without, moreover as a fan of the Japan you absolutely must have this piece in your wardrobe.


At the time the Bomber is very fashionable Japan, everyone loves the style of this garment except the Yakuza, in fact, the latter refuse to wear it because they do not want to follow American fashion, to compensate they prefer to wear the Sukajan which is totally traditional in Japan. THE Japanese Bombers can today be considered as truly legendary pieces of history, they will adapt to any style, you can wear it over a sweatshirt or even directly on a T-shirt, impossible to do more traditional than these unique pieces in velvet.

So you are rather Sukajan or Bomber? Make your choice and quickly complete your 100% Japanese outfit.

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