Streetwear Pants

If you are looking for a Streetwear Pants for men, you will definitely find what you are looking for in our collection! There will be something for all styles, whether Japanese patterns, in Jean, or even the famous Cargo pants, choose yours now and wear it proudly in the streets of Tokyo.


Want to adopt a Urban Look ? Our pants will suit you perfectly! If we want to know the history of streetwear pants we have to go back to the beginning of the 90s, that's when they made their appearance, particularly thanks to hip-hop which was very popular at that time. So on our website we offer you a very wide range of models, each more beautiful than the other: Large Pants, Camouflage Pants, Khaki Trellis, or even Cargo Pants, all these models are currently at the top of the trend and Men's Fashion.

Indeed, the Cargo has really been able to establish itself and find its place so well that it is today one of the men's clothing the most popular, it will allow you to adopt a city look that is both streetwear and urban for a casual style while being very practical since the cargo pants have many pockets, so they are certainly a must-have for the current fashion, but it is also very popular in the professional environment, particularly by craftsmen, it is a real Work clothes, it can also be worn during hikes in the mountains or in the forest, its numerous storage spaces will be very useful for storing everything you need. Made from very durable material, you can use them in any circumstance, they are typically ideal pants for outdoor.


Keep a casual look while sporting an urban and streetwear style, this is the bet of cargo pants, you will find them in different colors in order to satisfy as many people as possible: black, brown, gray, khaki, camouflage, this garment is usually dark in color . It is one of the most diverse pants, it also falls into the type Skatewear.

Between comfort and quality there is only one step, as you know, at My Japan Clothes we scrupulously choose our suppliers, our priority is therefore to offer you quality clothing while guaranteeing maximum comfort. The cargo pants will manage to offer you comfort and quality, in fact, the latter is usually made up of a cotton and polyester alloy, it is the perfect mix to guarantee resistance to any test, in addition, the fact that this garment is composed in this way will give it an incomparable softness which will give you the feeling of being in a cocoon, all this of course while preserving your Streetwear Style.

You may be wondering what other clothing items cargo pants would pair well with? You can easily opt for a plain basic t-shirt or even a tank top in the summer, if you want to wear these pants in winter, then they will go perfectly with one of our many Japanese Sweatshirts or Japanese Bombers. As for shoes, these types of pants are generally worn with large shoes such as Boots.

We mentioned just before the summer period, but you will not be surprised if we tell you that cargo pants are more suitable for the winter period, in fact, even if their very light fabric will allow you to stay comfortable in all circumstances and to have total freedom of movement, which is also perfect for hiking or for doing work around the house, the fact remains that they are pants, therefore , as soon as the hot weather arrives it will be preferable to wear a Cargo Short in order to face the heat with complete peace of mind.


As previously indicated, we offer our customers a very large range of pants with many different styles, what is certain is that each of them will highlight you and your figure, each of our models is will adapt perfectly to any type of body shape.
It is high time to fill your wardrobe, there are several possibilities available to you, relaxed style, trendy look, pantalon streetwear ou functional pants, it is up to you to make your choice !

We can't talk about pants without mentioning the famous Loose Check Trousers, it is literally the piece to currently own in Japan, this garment is indeed very popular with Tokyoites, it is a mix between urban and Vintage.
If you want to stay in a sober style you should instead turn to a Chino pants in a plain color: white, brown, black, it will be perfect for a relaxed look.

Finally, if sobriety isn't your thing, what's better than a Checkered Trousers ? Ideal for an atypical and even extravagant look, we have pants with rather discreet yokes but also multi-colored pants, in terms of an offbeat look you can also find what you are looking for in our numerous Ripped Jeans adorned with Streetwear Pattern. Whatever happens, you're sure to find your dream pants to complete your outfit streetwear, keep in mind that our pants are real all-purpose pants, they will adapt to any environment, so you can easily use chinos to go to a wedding, a birthday or other chic event, if on the other hand you want to be at the top of the urban trend our numerous models will satisfy you.

Whether for yourself or as a gift, this is a gift that is sure to please any fan of Japanese Fashion.

At My Japan Clothes, we're committed to providing you with all the Japanese clothing you need to achieve a 100% streetwear look. Streetwear pants can be paired with a Japanese shirt to blend in with the Harajuku crowd. Over the shirt, the choice is yours: a Japanese hoodie, a Japanese sweater, a Sukajan or a streetwear jacket. For finish, to be stylish in all circumstance, check out our sneakers collection. Whatever you choose, we've got the clothes you need to be on top of the Asian trend.