Mens Kimono

Discover without further delay our range of Men's Kimono Jacket, if you are a true fan of Japan, you are not without knowing that the Kimono is the Traditional Japanese Clothing par excellence country of Sunrise, choose yours now and make a good live in the Japanese culture.


For millennia, the Japanese Kimono is an integral part of the Japanese tradition, but it is necessary to differentiate kimono and kimono jacket, in fact they are two very different garments given that the men's kimono jacket is specially designed to be worn over the kimono, as its name suggests. Historically, the kimono was worn by the nobility in Japan during major ceremonies during the Heian period, the latter beginning in 794 with the establishment of the imperial capital Kyoto and ends in 1185 with the birth of the Kamakura Shogunate. Although it is a very old garment, the Men's Kimono has for many years now been at the top of the Men's Fashion. So, if you want to integrate as much as possible into the habits and customs of Japan, you must have a kimono or a kimono jacket in your wardrobe.

Why there men's kimono jacket is perfect for the summer period? It is a traditional garment which is really very pleasant to wear but also very practical, in fact, it is often made from cotton, silk or other fine fabrics, it is therefore very light and will give you the feeling of a veil It brushes against your skin if you wear it next to your body because it is so soft. It is therefore a perfect solution to spend a summer in complete relaxation, its Loose fit will guarantee you total freedom of movement and will allow you to avoid sweating even in the heat. Unless it is transparent, the kimono jacket, just like the Yukata moreover, will protect you from the sun's rays.

At the house of My Japan Clothes, we are always keen to offer you a multitude of pieces, each more beautiful than the other in order to satisfy everyone's tastes, which is why you can easily find what you are looking for in our collection of Traditional Japanese Jacket. You will have the possibility to opt for any style, rather chic and sober with a plain kimono jacket in a basic color such as black, white, blue etc... or a slightly more extravagant and offbeat look with our many colorful pieces decorated with Traditional Japanese Patterns such as the Kanagawa Wave, Cherry Blossoms, Japanese Temples, Rising Sun, Japanese Cranes and many more. Don't hesitate to complete your outfit, the kimono jacket will go with any bottom: tight pants, shorts or even wide pants named Hakama.

Although the kimono jacket was initially created to be worn over a kimono, it can be worn with any top: t-shirt, tank top, long-sleeved t-shirt, turtleneck in case of cool day, there are a multitude of ways to wear this traditional garment, in all cases it will guarantee you a look at the top of the trend and the Japanese Fashion with a style straight out of the alleys of Harajuku. Even if it is a garment that is intended to be traditional, we have many models revisited up to date which will allow you to make a leap in time and obtain a modern and Streetwear. Now is the time or never to join the Japanese culture, and for that what could be better than to complete your outfits with the number one of ready to wear.


The Japanese kimono is and will remain the must-have traditional clothing to absolutely have in your wardrobe, it is made from pieces of rectangular fabrics which are all assembled and sewn to each other, it has a straight cut and ample T-shaped to guarantee optimal comfort. As indicated a little earlier, the material that the kimono is made of will give you the feeling of being in a real cocoon, which is why the kimono is so popular. The sleeves of this traditional garment are generally very long and fall on the hands. For women's kimonos, these sleeves are called sleeves. Furisodes.

If you want a traditional dress from Japan, then there is no doubt that the kimono will make you happy, it is usually worn with a belt which allows the garment to be adapted to your body shape, as you know, traditionally the left side of the kimono falls over the right side and not the other way around, Heart Who is here traditional japanese belt, aims to maintain the garment. To complete your outfit and display a 100% Japanese look, you can also wear traditional shoes called Geta, although rare today, you can still see people wearing them during major events aimed at honoring Japan, such as the Manga Events where you can see many people adorned with a Cosplay. Apart from these events, the kimono is traditionally worn during major ceremonies such as weddings, birthdays or births.


Although it is a totally traditional garment, the kimono, like the kimono jacket, are garments that have been revisited and have been able to adapt to the evolution of fashion and Japanese trend. So, if you like traditional but still want to wear modern clothes brought up to date, you will find what you are looking for without any worries on our website. THE Haori is a perfect garment that will mix traditional looks and streetwear, in fact the Haori Yukata will adapt perfectly to any occasion, it is light and airy and will guarantee you a casual look, it is ideally worn with chinos, jeans or even shorts. The fact that this traditional jacket is slightly Oversize gives it a totally contemporary look and allows you to maintain total freedom of movement. In terms of footwear, the sneakers will be ideal and will go perfectly with this authentic piece.

So stay on top of the trend and choose now the traditional clothing that makes you dream. If you want to offer a gift to a Japan enthusiast, there is no doubt that our wide range of products will fill them with happiness.

Want to be at the top of Japanese tradition? What better way than with Japanese clothing? If you're in summer mood, a haori or men's kimono jacket will be perfect for you, and you can even wear them with Japanese shorts. For a look in total harmony with tradition, don't hesitate to try our men's Japanese kimonos, you won't regret it! Finally, polish off your look with Japanese jogging pants and geta, and the land of the rising sun will no longer hold any secrets for you.