Womens Pants

If you are looking for a Trousers for Women, don't move, you're in the right place! Discover without further delay our wide range of Women's Pants each one more beautiful than the other. So would you rather opt for a Look Grunge with a Blue Hole Jeans or for a Modern Look with a Flower Pattern Trousers ? Make your choice and wear yours to be at the top of Trend and Fashion.


If you are here, you are probably looking for a pants, at the house of Japan Mood we were keen to offer you a large selection of pants with different designs and patterns in order to please as many people as possible. This is why you will be able to find multiple models in our collection: Women's Floral Pants, Women's denim pants, Women's Gothic pants, Elephant leg pants, and many more, there is something for all styles and tastes.

Pants are usually worn during winter periods when it is cold, this is the case for jeans and other thick pants, however we also offer a range of Women's Polyester Pants which could very well find its place during mid-season as soon as Spring arrives and then subsequently for the summer period. Indeed, these pants tight at the top will allow you to highlight your curves and bring out your shapes, ideal for a look sexy, although it is tight at the waist, our pants have a wide cut at the leg level with a finish Elephant feet. A perfect mix to combine elegance and relaxation, the material of these pants has been developed to be very light, so you will have the impression of having a light veil that touches your skin, ideal for not sweating during hot weather. summer while keeping it classy.

Now, if you would rather like a hot pants, you should look towards thicker models like the Cow Print Trousers or even the Women's Corduroy Trousers, these are essential models for spending a warm winter while maintaining a modern look. If you want a Look Vintage don't panic, you'll definitely find what you're looking for with old-style pants Patchwork Pattern, but that's not all, as we told you our goal is to satisfy as many people as possible, so you can also find crazy looking pants with, for example, rabbit patterns or even Elmo plush toys.

For a modern look and at the top of the current trend our different denim or polyester pants will be perfect, in fact they will allow you to stay in the era of the times and will offer you a look Streetwear straight out of the alleys of Harajuku. Keep in mind that whatever your style, pants are a real must-have, you will be able to sport this garment in cotton for any occasion, whether for a wedding, birthday, baptism or even large chic events. The pants can be worn with any top, they will go perfectly with a Shirt or even a Cardigan and will highlight you even more if you wear it with beautiful heels or pumps.

You will have understood, it will be difficult to choose a single piece in this large collection of women's pants, make the right choice and do not hesitate to mix styles, do not hesitate to offer one of our many pants as a gift, it will certainly fill its new owner with happiness.

At My Japan Clothes, women can also adopt a look that reflects their passion: Japan! And what better way to do it than with Japanese clothes? For a streetwear look, opt for women's pants and a women's kimono jacket. If you want a more traditional look, a women's Japanese kimono (also known as a furisode) is just the thing. For even more femininity, the Japanese dress will suit you perfectly. Finally, to stay on top of Asian fashion even when it's time to sleep, discover our Japanese pajamas.