Streetwear Jacket

Never go unnoticed again thanks to our Jackets to the look Streetwear in total agreement with the Japanese Fashion, authentic pieces that will allow you to assert your Urban Look and your love for Japan.


You would like to display a Look Streetwear but you don't really know which model to choose from our wide range of Japanese jacket ? We're going to see it together right away! There Streetwear Jacket is a Trendy Clothing which adapts to all ages but also to all body types, we offer you Unisex Jackets which will go to both men and women. As you know, at My Japan Clothes, we are committed to offering many different models in order to offer you total style diversification and satisfy as many people as possible. In 2022, your appearance is very important, you will be judged on your look before we even know your personality, this is why you must choose a Streetwear Jacket who suits you and who will highlight you, this will be the ideal opportunity to make a good direct in the Urban Culture but also in the Japanese culture.

Streetwear is very popular in the country of Sunrise, it was made popular by artists from the rap and hip-hop scene but also recently by K-pop artists, the latter being very loved by young people in Japan but also in South Korea, it is therefore normal that All these little people try to resemble their idols as much as possible, and that is precisely where we come in, by offering you models that are each more beautiful than the next. Thus, from the Men's Streetwear Jacket to the Women's Streetwear Jacket, passing through the Japanese coat, without forgetting the Streetwear Parka, you will have a huge choice of clothing to fill your dressing.


No matter your choice of coat, it will go with any other item of clothing and will perfectly complete your 100% trendy outfit. Once you have chosen your authentic piece from our Bomber Jacket, also called Aviator Jacket, us Blazer Jacket but also our Denim Jackets, you will have to find what to wear your new clothing with. Even if when we talk about streetwear we think directly of colorful looks and atypical, this is not necessarily always the case, so you can easily find sober pieces such as the Hooded Coat, which is a must-have ready to wear streetwear and which will allow you to adapt to any environment because it is a real all-purpose tool.

To refine your streetwear style, what's better than combining one of our many coats with chinos? It will be an ideal look to spend a winter in complete peace, in fact, our jackets are ideal for the winter period, they are made from 100% cotton and are therefore incredibly soft, they will give you the feeling of being in a cocoon, ideal for protecting yourself from the cold during long winter days. To wear below your Hoodie, a t-shirt and a Japanese sweatshirt will be essential, add to that a good pair of sneakers to stay on top of the streetwear trend or mix styles by wearing a pair of boots which will give you a grunge look. The jacket is not a simple piece of clothing, it will allow you to create a real identity but also a Style Techwear.


If you have not found what you are looking for among our blazer jackets, know that you are missing something, in fact these are quilted on the inside, they will offer you unparalleled comfort and resistance while maintaining a stylish look. Bomber Jacket. However, you will definitely love the denim jacket, the latter is a real must-have for the Japanese trend, you will be able to display this Asian Jacket and combine it with a turtleneck to obtain a sober and relaxed look straight out of the alleys of Nagasaki. You will find on our store a slew of Denim Jacket offering you all very different styles: Paneled Jacket, Colorful Jacket, coat decorated with Japanese Inscription or Ripped Denim Jacket, everything you need to fill any fashion fan with happiness. All these models are perfect for a streetwear look, we also have many models with a slightly older look which will guarantee you a Vintage Style.

Although all these Denim jacket will keep you warm, if you want to face the extreme cold, you will surely have to turn to a Japanese Fleece, these will be real allies for winter, they are available in all styles, whether you want a sober and casual look or a colorful and flashy look, as usual there will be something for everyone. These jackets are essential and very fashionable in the neighborhood of Harajuku, it is also not uncommon to come across these magnificent pieces in the alleys of Tokyo, so make the right choice and now get a look that is classy, ​​retro and vintage. If, however, you want a much more traditional look, head to our collection of Sukajan and Bomber, the souvenir jacket par excellence which will allow you to display Traditional Japanese Patterns. even though Japanese souvenir jackets or more suitable for mid-season, bombers will be perfect for winter, just like our coats.

So whether it's for yourself or to give as a gift, go ahead and get the coat that will accompany you all season long.

At My Japan Clothes, we're committed to providing you with all the Japanese clothing you need to achieve a 100% streetwear look. Streetwear pants can be paired with a Japanese shirt to blend in with the Harajuku crowd. Over the shirt, the choice is yours: a Japanese hoodie, a Japanese sweater, a Sukajan or a streetwear jacket. For finish, to be stylish in all circumstance, check out our sneakers collection. Whatever you choose, we've got the clothes you need to be on top of the Asian trend.