Japanese Geta

Discover our wide range of geta japonaise, the traditional wooden sandal adored by all Japanese! Whether you are looking for a japanese geta man or a japanese woman geta, us unisex sandals will surprise you.


The Japanese geta is a traditional wooden shoe from Japan. It is often worn for ceremonies, festivals, special events but can also be worn on a daily basis. There sandals geta is considered a symbol of Japanese culture and its historical heritage, it is particularly appreciated for its unique design and its ability to represent the history of ancient Japan.

The history of Geta dates back to the 17th century, during the Edo period. Around this time, samurai began wearing shoes with high soles to keep their kimonos from touching the ground. This practice then spread among Japanese people of all social classes, which is when geta became essential traditional shoes to wear on special occasions such as weddings, birthdays or even funerals. Artisans began to perfect the art of making these Japanese wooden sandals in order to meet the needs of society.


Japanese getas are traditional shoes worn in Japan for centuries. They are composed of a raised wooden sole and one fabric strap which holds the foot in place. There are different types of geta, each with its own shape, design and use.

  • Tatami geta : what sare the most common, they are designed to be worn on tatami mats, the traditional straw mats used as flooring in Japan. They have a rectangular shape and a thick wooden sole, which allows you to walk comfortably on soft surfaces.
  • Komageta : these are of the classic geta smaller and lighter than tatami geta. They are often worn for special occasions and have an oval shape with a fairly thin wooden sole. Komageta are mostly decorated with flower and leaf motifs.
  • Pokkuri geta : This are very low geta that are often worn by women in summer. They have a very thin wooden sole, generally around 2cm, and are held in place by a very thin strap also. Light and comfortable, these wooden sandals However, they are not suitable for prolonged use.
  • Tetsu geta : what shave some can but goes, often worn by workers in rice fields to protect their feet from snakes and other dangers. Their sole has spikes for better grip on muddy ground, they are quite heavy and therefore not designed to be worn for a long period of time.
  • Buna geta : This are beech wood geta having a softer and more flexible sole than other types of geta. They are often worn by monks and artisans to work long hours on their feet, they are very comfortable and very durable.
  • Senryou geta : This are very high geta, which have a thick wooden sole and a fabric strap that holds the foot in place. They are often worn by geishas, ​​dancers and actors for traditional Japanese shows. They can measure up to 30 centimeters in height and are very difficult to walk on.
  • Tengu geta : they have a unique shape, with a very high wooden sole that is often curved upwards at the front. They are often associated with Tengu, a Japanese deity with a long nose, the latter is often represented with very high geta. This kind of traditional Japanese shoe is usually worn for festive events, they are considered fashion accessories rather than practical shoes.
  • Ukon geta : what shave geta with a wooden sole decorated with flower or animal motifs. Like Tengu geta, they are often worn for special occasions and are considered fashion accessories rather than practical shoes, they are rectangular in shape and often have a fabric strap decorated with embroidery or beads.

Each type of Japanese geta has its own unique design and specific use. Whether you are looking for geta for special occasions, for work or for pleasure, there is something for every taste and need.


The geta is a traditional shoe from Japan which can be worn with different types of clothing. Usually, the geta is worn with a kimono or yukata for celebrations and formal events, while women often wear tabi socks with geta for greater comfort. However, the geta can also be worn with more modern clothing, such as jeans, skirts or even cargo pants, all accompanied by a haori. To obtain optimal comfort, it is essential to choose the right size of geta. Please know that our sandals geta cut normally, they have a flat and thick sole as well as a flexible strap, in addition, the "teeth" which are located under the shoe have a rubber coating in order to absorb the shock of each of your steps and to prevent you from any pain, even when walking on long distances.


The geta has become an icon of modern japanese fashion, especially among young people. Japanese designers have started to incorporate this shoe into their collections and modernize it with bold colors and patterns, among them we can find dragon patterns, kanji patterns or even cherry blossom patterns. Today, the geta is a fashion shoe for young Japanese people, worn with modern and trendy clothing such as the haori or the kimono jacket. Platform geta are often chosen for give height to the silhouette of the wearer, you can also find geta decorated with sequins in order to add sparkle to any outfit. Became the Japan's most popular shoe, this traditional wooden sandal has also become popular outside of the Land of the Rising Sun, notably in Western fashion circles who seek to incorporate elements of Japanese culture into their designs.

The Japanese geta has therefore been able to evolve and renew itself over the years to become a shoe that is both traditional and modern. It has become a symbol of Japanese culture and is appreciated for its beauty and design unique. Whether you are a fan of Japanese culture or a fashion lover, the Japanese geta is a shoe that deserves to be discovered and worth wearing! It will be the finishing touch to any of your traditional outfits and will give you a look in total agreement with Asian tradition.

So don't wait any longer and quickly come and discover all of our traditional geta, whether for yourself or to offer as a gift, these unisex sandals will delight any fan of Japan.

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