Japanese Cap

Browse our large collection of Japanese Caps, they will be ideal to complete your Outfit 100% Japanese and are mostly inspired by your Sleeves And Animes favourites.


Over time, the Cap has established itself at the heart of the Men's Fashion, more than a simple accessory, today it is a real asset to complete your style and bring a touch Streetwear to your look. As usual, at My Japan Clothes, we pride ourselves on diversity, which is why we offer you a very large range of caps, each more beautiful than the next, from the Japanese cap to the 5 Panel Cap, in order to satisfy the greatest number of people.

Now let's talk about the different styles of caps, if you want to sport a Urban Look you must have a Snapback, the latter comes from America and is very popular in the hip-hop and rap world, it was born in the 1930s during which Babe Ruth, a recognized baseball player, never appeared on the field without a snapback on the head, so it's a Baseball Cap, even if it also has its place in the world of NBA and Skateboarding. It will protect you from the sun thanks to its visor, its opening at the back will guarantee permanent ventilation of the skull in order to resist high temperatures, this cap is of course adjustable thanks to a rear tab.

Another style of cap which is similar to the snapback: the Golf Cap, this one is a real must-have for all golfers (as its name suggests) but also for all basketball players, in fact, it It's not uncommon to see players from major American teams wearing these pretty caps, including the Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Yankees and many others. So what headgear will you choose? Even if we offer a wide range of caps, we are still a site specialized in Japanese Fashion, we are therefore keen to offer you caps Japanese inspiration like for example the Caps with Japanese scripts or the Manga Pattern Caps.

Our caps are mostly made from 100% cotton, because we care about the comfort of our customers, it was very important for us to offer you a cap in which you will feel good, as a result, our headwear is very pleasant to wear, they are very soft and allow you above all, protect yourself from the sun and not sweat even in the heat of the summer.

So whether you are more in love with Japanese culture and of the Japanese universe or rather a fan of RAP US you will inevitably find your happiness among our Kawaii Caps or us Streetwear Caps. From the sober and plain cap in basic colors: black, white, red, blue to the Atypical Cap or crazy look going through the Colorful Cap see multicolor, there will be something for everyone. Although we do not go as far as producing sailor caps, you can complete your look with a Black Cap, a White Cap or even a Pink Cap. Make your choice from this wide range of head accessories and take note of the Personalized Caps will soon be available in our store.


To be on top of the Japanese trend, nothing better than a cap, in fact, it is the accessory par excellence to add a streetwear touch to your look while remaining at the top of the Japanese fashion. What's great about the cap is that it's a totally unisex accessory that will suit both men and women, best worn in summer when the sun comes out, in reality the cap can now be worn all year round, even if its main function is to protect you from the sun, it is today a real asset that will completely complement your style, from Flat Cap to the Sports Cap, we offer all kinds of Unisex Cap and today we are part of major brands distribution of headgear on our official store.

Whatever your desires, there is no doubt that you will find happiness here, the current trend is Clean Up Cap but also to the Military Cap camouflage pattern, however, let's not stray from the subject, and now let's talk about Japanese-inspired caps for all fans of the country of Sunrise. At Japan Mood, you will be able to find caps in perfect harmony with mangas and anime, from Naruto to Dragon Ball Z to One Piece, you will have the choice between an innumerable number of models, and if you want a more Japanese look sober, you will also find Japanese Pattern Caps, these Sun hat are to be included now in your wardrobe, they will be perfect to bring out your street style straight out of Harajuku.


Depending on your style, the cap will not be worn with the same clothes for everyone, if you instead have a rapper style, then you can wear one of our many snapbacks with a simple plain t-shirt from our wide range of Japanese t-shirts, just like you can also wear a simple white tank top for a totally American look, add to that a baggy and a good big pair of sneakers and voila, you get a perfectly urban and streetwear look. However, if you want to integrate as much as possible into the Japan, you should probably opt for a Japanese writing cap, it will go perfectly with a haori and cargo pants, finally for the shoes do not hesitate to choose geta in order to mix all the styles and obtain a perfect mix of local Japanese.

As you will have understood, whatever your style, you will inevitably find something to wear and complete your look by taking a look in our collection of Japanese clothing, from the zipped jacket to the striped pants to the Japanese bomber, it will be difficult to choose just one piece. 

Whether for yourself or to give as a gift, the cap remains a must-have of Japanese fashion and is sure to please any fan of the land of the rising sun, choose yours now and wear this authentic piece from spring.

Complete any outfit with our Japanese accessories! Whether you're looking for a Japanese cap to protect you from the sun, a Japanese mask to complete your cosplay, a Japanese fan to liven up your outfit, a Japanese ring to be fashionable right down to your fingertips, or a Japanese umbrella to protect you from the rain as well as the sun, our collections are there for you!