Japanese Shorts


How about a Japanese shorts ? It's now or never to face the first rays of the sun and spend a summer in complete relaxation thanks to our swim shorts.


When the first rays of sun peek out and the heat arrives, it's time to wear shorts. If you are a true fan of Japan, there is no doubt that you would like to wear shorts typical of the Japanese Fashion current, in this case don't move because you are in the right place! For a summer and casual look, what could be better than Japanese Shorts ?


Our shorts are totally mixed and will therefore adapt to all types of body shape whether you are a man or a woman, they are decorated with traditional Japanese patterns. In that moment Japanese trend is in palm trees, it is for this reason that we have decided to offer you a range of Swim shorts decorated with this motif. Whether for swimming or going out in town, our shorts are a real all-purpose item and will allow you to adapt to any type of environment thanks to their style. about and trend.

So which Japanese shorts will you choose to spend the summer and sport a tropical look?

Want to be at the top of Japanese tradition? What better way than with Japanese clothing? If you're in summer mood, a haori or men's kimono jacket will be perfect for you, and you can even wear them with Japanese shorts. For a look in total harmony with tradition, don't hesitate to try our men's Japanese kimonos, you won't regret it! Finally, polish off your look with Japanese jogging pants and geta, and the land of the rising sun will no longer hold any secrets for you.