Harajuku : A must for Japanese Streetwear fans

Japanese streetwear has taken over the world with its unique aesthetic and avant-garde designs. In this world of fashion, Harajuku, the emblematic district of Tokyo, holds a preponderant place. Let's discover together the Japanese streetwear brands that are rocking the global scene and how Harajuku continues to be the cradle of this clothing revolution.

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The Land of the Rising Sun has seen the emergence of streetwear brands which have acquired international fame, combining traditional Japanese aesthetics with avant-garde elements. Among these brands, A Bathing Ape (BAPE) stands out for its iconic camouflage prints and renowned collaborations. Comme des Garçons, another leading figure, explores fashion experimentation with bold designs and innovative concepts.

Emerging brands are also adding their distinctive touch: Facetasm, for example, stands out for its contemporary cuts and artistic juxtapositions. Ambush, founded by designer Yoon Ahn, fuses streetwear with high fashion elements, creating unique pieces. Finally, in recent years, My Japan Clothes has established itself as the leader of the Japanese streetwear scene!

Among the must-sees, visit the boutiques of sacai, fragment design, and Neighborhood to discover how these brands are pushing the boundaries of Japanese streetwear, inspiring similar movements on a global scale. Each of these brands brings a unique perspective to this ever-evolving clothing culture.


Located in the heart of Tokyo, the Harajuku district is a true sanctuary for fans of Japanese streetwear . It is here that trends are born, evolve and define the clothing aesthetics of Japanese youth. The bustling streets of Takeshita-Dori and Omotesando are full of trendy boutiques, avant-garde concept stores and pop-up pop-up shops.

Young Tokyoites gather in Harajuku to express their individuality through fashion. Whether it's the extravagant styles of cosplay enthusiasts, the avant-garde looks of fashionistas or the codes of urban streetwear , Harajuku is a playground where the boundaries of creativity are constantly pushed.

Iconic stores, such as Supreme, atmos, and flagships of renowned Japanese brands, contribute to Harajuku's global reputation as the undisputed capital of streetwear. Every street corner offers a unique experience, where one can discover unique pieces and exclusive collaborations. For streetwear lovers, Harajuku is not just a place, it is a true cultural experience where fashion becomes an art form in its own right.


For fans of Japanese streetwear who don't have the opportunity to travel to Japan right away, finding authentic pieces can sometimes be a challenge, which is where specialized online platforms like Japan Mood enter the scene. This online store offers a true immersion in the world of Japanese streetwear, offering a diverse range of clothing at the crossroads of tradition and modernity.

On Japan Mood, streetwear enthusiasts can browse a carefully chosen selection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets, sukajans, bombers, kimonos, haoris, and much more. Each item is chosen for its unique aesthetic, its manufacturing quality and its connection to current trends in Japanese streetwear.

What sets Japan Mood apart from other stores is undoubtedly its commitment to authenticity and quality. Customers can be assured of receiving unique pieces, sometimes made by Japanese artisans, which adds an artisanal and traditional dimension to each garment, this is particularly the case with certain kimonos present on Japan Mood. The online store also offers detailed information on each product, allowing shoppers to understand the history and cultural significance behind each piece.

Whether you're looking for a distinctive sukajan, a t-shirt featuring stylized Japanese designs, or even a haori to complete a traditional look, Japan Mood offers a variety of options for cater to all tastes. With international shipping, this Japanese boutique makes it easy to access Japanese streetwear wherever you are in the world. Enjoy an immersive online shopping experience while exploring the latest trends straight from the streets of Harajuku! And a little surprise for you if you got to the end of this article, get -10% off the entire store with the code 'BLOG10', it's a gift 😎!

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