How to wear a women's kimono?

As a fan of Asian culture, and if you have a particular attraction to traditional Japanese outfits, you absolutely must have a kimono in your wardrobe! Although it also exists for men, the kimono femme remains an essential part of Japanese culture, there are many variations, whether modern or traditional, this japanese clothing will allow you to integrate into the habits and customs of the land of the rising sun. We will therefore see together in this article how to wear a women's kimono, on what occasion, but above all, what is a kimono?


A kimono is a long tunic with very loose sleeves (depending on the model) that can be crossed in front and held in place with an obi belt, it can be worn by both men and women, there are also kimonos mixed, even if in this article we will only focus on women's kimonos.

The most traditional kimonos have very wide sleeves called "furisode", this term literally means "hanging sleeves", it is the traditional Japanese costume the noblest, subsequently, if you wish to adopt more "designer" and more modern models, you can turn to the side of kimono dresses. You will understand, there is something for everyone, whether you want a long kimono or a short kimono, you will also have the possibility to choose between a multitude of patterns, each more beautiful than the other, depending on the occasions for which you will wear this exceptional garment.


We usually say that the kimono represents the final touch of a style, this is a point of view that we share at My Japan Clothes. This exceptional garment will allow you to enhance any of your outfits, in fact, the important point of this garment is that it can adapt to any style, so you can also wear a women's kimono over a t-shirt, over a shirt, with a skirt or even cargo pants, you can also complete your outfit with a pair of trainers, sneakers or even leather ankle boots, it all depends on your desire and the style you want to sport.

A very popular traditional garment in Japan and around the world, the kimono is often associated with Japanese culture and is considered a symbol of fashion and elegance. There are many occasions for which to wear a Japanese women's kimono is appropriate.

One of the most common occasions to wear a Japanese kimono is at a wedding. Japanese brides often wear traditional kimonos for their wedding ceremony, these can be decorated with symbolic colors and patterns such as the Japanese crane, the koi carp or the Japanese dragon. The wedding kimonos are generally made from high quality silk and are therefore quite expensive.

This traditional outfit can also be worn during religious ceremonies such as funerals and purification ceremonies, moreover, ceremonial kimonos are generally dark and simple, and can be accompanied by an obi (belt) and a nagajuban (underwear).

You can easily wear a Japanese kimono also during cultural ceremonies such as festivals and tea ceremonies. The latter are often more colorful and more detailed than religious ceremony kimonos. The festival kimonos As for them, they are often lighter and more colorful, they can also be accompanied by accessories such as hats and handbags.

Apart from ceremonies, Japanese women's kimonos can also be worn for formal occasions like receptions and dinners. The evening kimonos are often more elaborate than daytime kimonos and may be decorated with precious stones and embroidery designs.

Finally, more and more women are wearing Japanese women's kimonos as everyday clothing. The moderns kimonos are often made from lighter and more comfortable materials than traditional kimonos and can be worn with Western clothing for a more casual and streetwear look, so it is not uncommon to come across women wearing proudly wear a kimono or even a yukata during the hot summer months, to perfect a modern, sportswear look!

In summary, there are many occasions for which wearing a Japanese women's kimono is appropriate, it's up to you to make your choice and adapt to the event you want to go to, whatever it is, the kimono for women will know how to highlight you and make you shine among the other guests, so if you would like to choose one now, do not hesitate to click on the image below. 


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